Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is one place where excellent lighting is a must-have for the best possible function. Dining with a significant other is fun and romantic. However, cooking in the dark could result in accidents and ruined dishes. There are tonnes of amazing ways to light up your cooking areas that will not dent your budget and will give your kitchen a bright, aesthetic feel. Here is a list of kitchen lighting ideas with different styles and designs:

Hanging/ceiling lights

Pendant lights

This type of lights is a great way to light up your kitchen island or center while adding a sense of elegance. They come with glass enclosures that diffuse the light for a softer feel. The best option for your kitchen would be a pendant design with shades. To light up the entire kitchen, you will need more lighting fixtures distributed around your space. Another type of pendant light would be the heavy steel industrial type, for a professional-looking kitchen.

Edison light bulbs

You can also install Edison bulbs for that vintage vibe. These are light bulbs with long cables that hang down. The best thing about these bulbs is that they will light up the entire kitchen, in addition to your island.

A simple but trending idea would be exposed wires. This is a low-cost idea that entails having light bulbs hanging from a brass pole. This is perfect if you are renting and cannot install an entire light fixture. An excellent idea for your double-floor kitchen would be the industrial loft, where you install seven Edison bulbs on each floor, for sufficient lights on both floors.

Reclaimed lights

If you’d like to use your DIY talents, then reclaimed lights are a superb idea. Just hit the closest flea market and collect the best pieces available, then fashion them into beautiful lights. Another fantastic DIY approach would be a Mason Jar Chandelier.

Kitchen spotlights

If you do not fancy hanging lights, then spotlights will work perfectly. These lights are embedded into your ceiling and distributed across to provide even lighting. To get fantastic results, getting an electrician is highly recommended.

Luxury kitchen lighting ideas

For high-end lighting ideas, you can have some elegant fittings installed around your kitchen walls. Since these do not supply plenty of light, some matching pendant lightings over your kitchen island will suffice.

Recessed downlights

These are designed for a galley kitchen that may not have enough space to hang pendants. Recessed downlights will light up your entire kitchen, and come with dedicated lighting for your worktops.


What is a list of lighting ideas without chandeliers? There are hundreds of intuitive chandeliers that will suit your kitchen. You can have an Edison bulb chandelier for a vintage look. You can also pore over DIY websites for inspiration if you’d like to weave up a craft for yourself. Again, there are options for the chic kitchen, with chandeliers coming in polished brass, faux jewels, or the even more impressive Capiz chandelier, made up of Capiz shells from the Philippines.


To get the most out of your lights, get a lighting expert to install them for safety and to distribute them evenly. Also, ensure that they match your kitchen theme for a cohesive feel.