All You Need to Know About Starting a Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen is an emerging F&B (Food and Beverage) business concept through which delicious dishes can be served to customers through an online-order booking process. It is also called the dark kitchen, delivery-only restaurant, and ghost kitchen. In the case of cloud kitchens, the presence of a dine-in setup or eatery is not essential. Instead, customers must book their order for a particular dish online, which will be delivered to their doorstep within a few minutes.

Cloud kitchens hire delivery boys and other personnel from time to time to meet the customer’s needs and demands. Logistics plays a key role here. Customers who are placing an order want the same to be honored in the least possible time. If the food item is not delivered to them within the stipulated time, the entire purpose of setting up a cloud kitchen won’t take you anywhere.

Before getting started with the cloud kitchen model, you need an easy-to-use order booking app through which customers can place their orders online. The cloud kitchen market segment is set to touch USD 113 billion figure in the next four years at a CAGR of over 12%. No doubt, if you are looking forward to starting a ghost kitchen business, do it now. The growth potential in this business is infinite.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Starting A Cloud Kitchen:

Getting Ahead with Business Formalities

Knowing the necessary business rules and regulations matters if you are getting started with a cloud kitchen business. You must get approval or a license from the concerned authority before starting your cloud kitchen business. It’s best to contact a registered business consultant who can help you with the necessary formalities and documentation processes to get your business launched.

Choose A Proper Location

The most interesting thing about a cloud kitchen setup is you don’t need a prime location and costly furniture and fittings. You’d be amazed to know that even a spare room of 300 to 500 square feet is enough for it. If an unused garage or room is lying vacant, you can even use the same for that purpose.

Necessary Equipment And Tools

When you have got the necessary documentation to launch your business, arranging the necessary equipment and food materials will be essential. For basic catering equipment and tools, get in touch with

The dealer can help you with necessary kitchen appliances, including dishwashers, food processors, fridges, knife sets, and cooking pots. Using high-quality kitchen appliances and cooking utensils can help you serve high-quality food items to your customers on time without fail.

Chefs and Staff

Much of the success of the cloud kitchen depends on the availability of chefs and staff. Hiring a few chefs and a few support staff will be sufficient if you are just getting started. You can make payments to your employees on either a daily or monthly basis, whichever suits your needs.

Delivery Personnel

You need to have a meticulous food delivery system to help your customers get their ordered food items on time and in perfect condition. Here, you can either hire third-party logistics personnel or in-house delivery executives. Both have their own flaws and advantages. However, delivery executives work based on GPS or SMS systems.  

Create An Attractive Visual Menu Card

An attractive menu card can help you beat your competitors. But the menu card should only have food items you can prepare and serve. In order to attract customers, you need not showcase items or a whole lot of dishes. When a customer sees the same online, he or she might get confused. Unlike restaurants, there won’t be any waiter or assistant to explain those items to them.

Ideally, your food menu card shouldn’t have more than 10-15 items. Also, while showing their relevant prices, you should offer some attractive discount offers and cashback to them.

Summing Up

Setting up a ghost kitchen is not too difficult if you follow the appropriate steps and tricks. It is far simpler than getting a restaurant launched traditionally. But it’s more or less a food-tech business. So, apart from ensuring high-quality foods and dishes, you’ve to pay equal attention to the app or business website through which customers book their orders online.

Your business app must be 100% secure and confidential. It also needs to be highly effective with a fast page-loading speed.