Kitchen Essentials Every Bachelor Needs

Whether you’ve been living on your own for quite some time already, or you’re moving out of your parent’s home for the first time, ensuring you have everything you need to get by is essential. 

With this, stocking up the kitchen area with the essentials is more important than you might assume. If your kitchen doesn’t have the basics, it will be pretty challenging to prepare meals and get by. 

So, we’ve created this list of essentials to help you stock your kitchen with all the basics.

Quality Knives

There’s hardly anything more frustrating than struggling with blunt knives or knives that just don’t work. Instead of opting for a cheap set of kitchen knives, you won’t regret investing in a high-quality set of knives that can last a lifetime. 

If you aren’t too sure how to choose the right set of knives, look for a set that includes the basics like a chef’s knife, meat cleaver, carving knife, utility knife, and a decorating knife. 

But for your knives to last a lifetime, you’ll need to be mindful of proper knife care and storage. So, you’ll need a storage block or a magnetic knife strip and a sharpening stone

Chopping Board

It’s not wise to chop up your meal ingredients on the bare counter; you’ll end up damaging the counter and blunting your knives. So, a chopping board is essential for every kitchen. 

A Cast Iron Skillet

When it comes to cookware, a cast iron skillet is a must-have; you can prepare just about any meal in a skillet. Moreover, a cast iron skillet can last forever as well. 

Mixing Bowls

You don’t need to worry too much about quality when purchasing a set of mixing bowls. Even so, these bowls are undeniably essential to prepare various meals. An ideal set of mixing bowls will include at least three different bowl sizes. 

Measuring Cup Set

Measuring cup sets are exceptionally affordable. Even though you can get by without measuring cups, you’ll battle to assume suggested measures of ingredients without these. 

Grater And Peeler

Every kitchen needs a grater and a peeler for various food preparation tasks. Moreover, these essentials are also incredibly affordable. 

Mesh Strainer

A mesh strainer is another essential you will need to strain the water from foods like rice, pasta, and others. You’ll also need a mesh strainer if you enjoy baking. 

Wooden Spoons

You will also need a few wooden spoons to prepare meals. How else will you mix your foods during preparation? With this, it’s wise to purchase quality wooden spoons because cheaper options will become brittle quickly. 

Plates And Bowls

You won’t need an extensive set of plates and bowls as a bachelor, a set of four is more than enough. But with this, be sure to purchase a set, otherwise, your cupboards will appear messy and unorganized. 

Cups And Mugs

Once again, a set of four is all you will need when it comes to cups and mugs. It’s also essential to opt for matching sets for organization and appeal. 

Other kitchen items that are worthwhile investments are a basic pot set, a small pressure cooker, a blender, a kettle, and a toaster or toaster oven.