Why Ukrainian women are among the best wives and hostesses

Often people think that all women should be great housewives and make everything go smoothly, whether it is housework or a job. The problem is different mentalities bring various traditions concerning how a woman should behave in a family, society, and other social groups. Modern tendencies implement even more modifications and freedom – girls grow up thinking they’re free to do whatever they want. And it’s true – it’s hard to imagine someone explaining to a lady what her duties are. So, why do Ukrainian women still maintain these traditional family values? Learn below and see pretty ladies’ photos from Ukraine who can make you believe that family is sacred.

Cultural and historical reasons

Several background reasons can explain the main direction of thoughts that Ukrainians are guided by. Among the most significant ones are historical aspects and elements of culture. As we know, Ukraine was an agricultural county because of its fertile soils and various landscapes. So people lived through hard work throughout the years, and thus, they needed strong support to have a rest – a cozy and warm home. Women provided all the comforts a family benefited from – tidiness, cleanliness, hearty dining, and a homely atmosphere. Doing all the housework never released a woman from working in the vegetable garden, taking care of children, and staying well-groomed. 

Of course, technologies facilitate considerably all the mentioned processes, which helps save time on manual work. But the principles of being able to manage all of this – stay valid in the modern age as well. Today, women live mostly in apartments, which makes them free of work in the garden, but their jobs replaced this duty. And even now, many families carry these principles while raising their children. So it is still widely accepted as shameful if a woman doesn’t know how to cook, clean, work hard, and keep herself well-looking. 

Modern reality factors

As we mentioned above, ladies feel more freedom about their behavior nowadays, so they develop more personal views about how they should build their relationships and what rights and duties their partners have. As with everything, here we can observe exaggerations too. It happens pretty often to meet a demanding woman who wants everything – from love to money – at a moment when she’s not ready to make any effort to reach it with her skills and knowledge. 

But women with a more adequate perception of reality also exist. Ukrainian women of the modern age know what difficulties are. Historical circumstances never allowed Ukraine to be a country with robust economics – it resulted in constant changes in all the related spheres of life (which means literally every area). So from the very childhood, Ukrainian ladies are:

  • adaptive – as they experienced many modifications that touch on education, work, and routine life, they can acclimatize to new conditions relatively easy (it depends on a person how simple it is);
  • attentive – often, if you’re not attentive enough, you can be fooled by different people, from the market to financial institutions;
  • learning – in Ukraine, you need to always learn something new to conform to the criteria that employers indicate (demands to candidates on well-paid jobs are often too high from the point of duties, so often, one person must do a complex job for several specialists);
  • aware – you can never be sure where the danger can come from, so to protect their children and families, women learn to be always cautious;
  • ingenious – not always everything works in the way it should work, so women are inventive to make things work for them the way they want. 

These qualities help Ukrainians in household activities, work, children raising, and building love relationships. Unique experiences make every woman special because they all have different lives and stories to tell – so the balance of the mentioned features also varies. 

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