We all are familiar with the kitchen knives used most commonly. You may have a bread knife for slicing, for your little tasks you might be using a paring knife and for chopping a chef’s knife. Heck, how are you managing all these bad boys? You must have those fancy blocks for your knives. But, you know what? You are still missing out your perfect set of knives because you don’t even know that out there, Okay, we assume some of you know about them but are you aware of their multiple uses?

Your quality of cuts can be improved if you know the right job of each knife. Well, no need to worry, the best knives and their uses are broken down in a list below.

Chef’s Knife

The name says it all. One of the versatile kitchen tools is a chef’s knife. The big guy is 8 to 10 inches long, don’t make it chill in your fancy knife block, use it for chopping, slicing, or dicing.

Utility Knife

Sturdier knife almost 4 to 7 inches in size, you can call it a mini chef’s knife, available either serrated or straight. We can use it for trimming meat fat, cutting vegetable, slicing bagels, and so on.

Santoku Knife

Wondering what is Santoku? A Japanese style chef knife means “Three virtues”. Thinner and shorter than a chef’s knife. On cutting board, it may not rock it because of its flat blade. You can use it to mince herbs, veggies slices and so, the lightweight makes you able to fulfil the three virtues “Slicing, Dicing and Mincing”.

Meat Cleaver

Want to know about the beast? The spookiest among all is the Meat Cleaver slices off the thick meat, thin poultry bones or ribs.

Butcher’s Knife

The dad of the meat cleaver is a butcher’s knife, it is daring to use it. The thick blade offers precision less than cleaver but can slice meat in big chunks.

Decorating Knife

Party at your place? Planning to do something creative with your delicious food? All you need is a decorating knife comes in different patterns. We may go for a zig-zag pattern, sounds interesting?

Carving Knife

Ever wondered how these Christmas ham or thanksgiving turkey are carved up so nicely. It’s the magic of the narrow blades and pointed tip of carving knives. Cut your meat in uniform slices.

Kitchen Shears

They have a right to be in this list as a kitchen without kitchen shears. Not fair, right? Technically kitchen shears are not knives but they can shear off any stubborn packaging and those fresh herbs.

The list does not end here but the most helpful knives are mentioned above. What is missing in your knife block? Figure it out. Santoku and decorating knives, maybe? Or any of these but mind it you need to be safe with all these knives. So, before using them learn some tips, these tips can really help in kitchen.