IOTransfer has been the talk of the town since its release, and it has become a go-to software tool for iOS users. Everyone wants to be able to transfer and backup their data to a reliable source. If you were to use iTunes for transferring or backing up your data then, it could be a time-consuming process, and it is never an optimal solution for the people who have just started using Apple smartphones. They should resort to using IOTransfer for transferring their data successfully.

IOTransfer is known as one of the top iOS file transfer and management tool that was developed and launched by IOTransfer studio.  In other terms, IOTransfer operates like an iPhone manager, online video downloader, and a free online GIF maker collectively. The following review discusses its uses and benefits in details:

IOTransfer as an iPhone Manager:

IOTransfer as an iPhone ManagerWhile Apple smartphones, commonly known as the iPhones, make few of the best and efficient devices to use—it could be a hassle to manage the data stored in the smartphone. The user is given with limited options and resources to manage the data, and not everyone is adept in managing the data instantly. They might be required to download or purchase specific software for enabling the transfer or, they might be required to keep a special type of data cable in their collection to facilitate the transfer of the data.

Therefore, IOTransfer works as an excellent and fully-equipped iPhone manager. It supports a set of the functions that help an iOS user with transferring or managing their smartphone’s data without any hassle. One is simply required to plug in their devices to a PC, and enable the software to get started with the process. They should simply follow the instructions to manage the data on their smartphones.

IOTransfer as an online video downloader:

IOTransfer as an online video downloaderWhile investing in an iPhone makes an excellent investment, an iPhone user often experiences difficulty in downloading videos to their smartphones. They are often required to purchase the videos via iTunes or Apple Store, and it is never a viable solution for everyone. They end up downloading various apps to their smartphone which would assist them in downloading videos but, it is never a fully optimal solution.

On the contrary, IOTransfer is equipped with the features that help an iOS user with downloading the videos to their smartphones instantly. You will be surprised by how easy it is to download videos of any size of format to your smartphone using IOTransfer. You are simply required to copy and paste the URL of the corresponding video to the search bar, and you will have the option to download the video to your iOS devices or you can also download the videos to your PC with the free online video downloader.

IOTransfer as a free online GIF maker:

IOTransfer as a free online GIF makerEveryone wants to make the best and entertaining GIFs, so they could emote their expressions or thoughts without typing anything in a group chat or any chat. However, it could be challenging to find a resourceful way to create GIF, and it requires a user to use a practical software tool for creating fee GIFs online.

IOTransfer works as a free online GIF maker, and it enables its user to create a series of GIFs instantly. You are simply required to add or drop images/videos to the tool, and it would convert it into a GIF instantly without compromising the quality of the images.