Keep Truckin Eld Devices

In today’s market Keep truckin Eld devices are one of the most popular eld devices. It is beneficial both for a driver as well as the fleet manager. It has the lot to provide you if you are a manager of the fleet of vehicles. So, that you are able to manage all the vehicles effortlessly. There is a possibility to have quick access to an online dashboard that allows them to view the whole fleet’s data. Then it helps in organizing all the available data.

There are numerous benefits to using Keep trukin Eld devices. Among numerous, one is that it provides facility to the fleet manager to view all the statistics. The statistics are related to the driver, vehicle, and area. It includes all those features that you can expect to find in any Eld device. Below mentioned are some of the features which make it popular among others:

  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting: This is one of the most beneficial features in any Eld devices as it saves a lot of time of a fleet which is driving across several states. There is need of hours of work for tracking and recording mileage for each jurisdiction and then finding out all the fuel purchases. This automation system helps in doing all those calculations and makes it automatic. By usage of this feature directly from the app, drivers can upload gas receipts. It will then generate ready to file reports with no errors.
  • Driver Scorecards: It becomes impossible to monitor each driver’s behavior on the road when there is a fleet of more than one driver. It becomes difficult to track each driver for ensuring that they are driving safely. Keep trukin eld devices helps in monitoring the driver’s driving style. It flags any such point where there is excessive speeding, acceleration, hard braking or hard cornering. After analyzing all these things, a scorecard is generated where a numerical value to each driver is assigned.
  • Vehicle Utilization: By increasing the utilization of each vehicle, the fleet manager can maximize the profits. If it is found that there is the vehicle which has a lot of time idling, then it could be used for maximizing the profits. The eld monitor of Keep truckin eld devices could be used for monitoring the vehicles which are idling. After monitoring, all these data are sent to the dashboard.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Fleet manager uses these devices for monitoring all the vehicles for scheduling maintenance whenever it requires. Every fault in the vehicle is sent to the fleet manager so that issues are solved before it appears again. As everything is automatic so there is no need for the drivers to worry about all these things. Drivers can also have a view of the vehicles inspection history before starting driving. There is a thorough and fast checklist which makes inspection easier.

All these features present in Keep truckin eld devices are very simple and intuitive. So, it is easy for everyone to use. After the usage of these devices, drivers don’t have to worry about inspecting each vehicle. They will neither have to worry about the fault codes nor about tracking the fuel receipts. For any driver, this app is easy and simple to use. The fleet manager will also enjoy the features present in these devices. Now, they will not have to spend much time in creating reports and making sure each vehicle is complaint free. Along with that, they can also ensure that the vehicles and drivers are used in an optimized manner so they get maximum profit. This is done by analyzing the reports received by the devices which include inspections, driver’s scorecards, and vehicle utilization reports.