Call tracking is a technique that allows the marketer to track phone leads. The idea is to assign a unique code to the marketing campaign used. Once this is done, the marketer takes statistics of the phone calls that they receive.

It helps them determine which strategy is bringing in more leads. Also, it allows the business to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategies used. In this article, we explore how call tracking helps in marketing, hence the need to improve marketing ROI with AvidTrak.

#1. Enhances lead conversion

Before the discovery of call tracking, it was difficult to know the source of the lead. Marketers relied on web forms and ad links. But the two did not tell where the call came from. When clients call, the marketer will know where they are calling from. It makes it easier to convert them into buying customers.

Call tracking helps the marketer identify the source of the leads and make a follow-up.  Also, when you add a phone number to each of the ads, it becomes easier for a marketer to know the source of the lead. Furthermore, it enables you to illustrate your contribution to the sales realized.

#2. Helps the marketer enhance paid and organic searches

Search engine marketing programs need more resources to produce the desired results. But the marketer must prove that the business gets returns from the investment made. So, marketers need a tool that can help them to identify the source of the audience that turned into buying customers.

Also, call tracking helps them to identify the audience they can work with quickly. It helps them to tell the keywords and Adword group that inspire customers to make a call. It allows them to refine their strategies and enhance their campaigns.

#3. Increases customer experience

Customers are comfortable calling the sales reps than filling a form on the website. By providing a phone number for call tracking purposes, it enhances the customer’s experience. It makes it easier for them to reach the sales reps when they want to buy. The marketer gets a chance to identify the ad that inspired them and their intent.

Also, it makes the marketer understand the customer better.  So, it allows them to optimize their campaign to make them more effective. A marketer that captures a customer’s details can share the insight with the sales reps. It allows the team to offer a more informed conversation when talking to the customer.

It is clear that call tracking will help the marketer know where the link is coming from. It helps them get connected to the customer quickly. The customers too, benefit a lot from call tracking. They can reach the sales rep team for clarification on any arising issue.  Also, the marketer can analyze the channel the customer called from.

It allows them to make smarter marketing decisions.  Lastly, the strategy enables the marketer to remain in touch with the customer, and it is all they need to help them to grow their customer base.