Weight Loss Journey

A perfect or near to perfect body is one of the most common desire of every person. Although many people do every possible effort to realize their dream of a perfect body but some really fortunate ones actually see their desire come true. It’s been rightly said that gaining weight is a lot easier than losing it. It requires exhaustive efforts and right weight loss approach to get the results. But most of the weight loss aspirants lose their battle to weight loss due to their lack of knowledge. So before you begin your weight loss journey, here are some things you must know.

Understand your body

First and foremost, you must understand that every individual is different and so is their body. Everybody has its own way of reacting to a change. Some may react fast while others may take some time to adapt and show the results. So you should never compare your efforts or results with anyone else. Start slowly, read the fitness guide at MyFitnessHub to know which exercise is right for your body, you don’t have to rush with heavy exercise equipment right away, those things will come gradually.One exercise that may work wonders for you may not do any good for someone else and vice versa. So it is always advised to stick to your own goals and work hard to achieve them.

Start with a balanced diet

Though weight loss requires a combined effort of right exercise and restricted diet the role of a balanced diet in our health cannot be ignored. So never compromise on essential nutrients and eat a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and get the energy to perform exercises for effective weight loss.

Say yes to water and no to beverages

Beverages are nothing but energy-less calories. Such an empty addition to your required number of calories can hamper your weight loss goals. Otherwise, too, there is no other health drink as good as water. A major part of our body comprises of water and therefore, it is important to keep optimum levels. Not only this, water helps in digestion and boosts the metabolism as well. It can also aid in weight loss. So drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and say no to any other kind of drink including alcohol.

Keep a track on your diet and exercise

Even though a balanced diet is important, it must not be misunderstood by the fact that the person can eat everything. Calorie intake and workout should be monitored. There are so many mobile apps or fitness watches available on the market that can help you track your diet and exercise habits. You can monitor the intake versus outcome and evaluate the findings to see what kind of changes are required to burn maximum calories or restrict calorie intake.

Commit to your weight loss goals

Many people start their weight loss routine with full enthusiasm and soon start to lose interest in it. This can be due to their urge to eat their favorite food (especially junk, fried, or high-on calorie food) or due to the after-pain of exercise. But you cannot gain anything without pain or without losing something. So keep yourself motivated and ready to face every challenge coming on your weight loss journey.

Differentiate between hunger and appetite

Though both these words sound synonymous actually they are far different from each other. While hunger is the physiological requirement of food, appetite is a psychological reason to eat. Appetite often outpaces our hunger. This means that we eat not to fulfill the need for food but to fulfill our desire to eat and as desires are endless, eating becomes endless as well. The best way to keep a check on appetite is by dividing food into portions. So start serving only that amount of food that is required by your body and just keeps the rest away. Eat the food on the plate properly and then decide if your body needs more or your desire needs more. In some time, you will conquer this fight of need versus desire.

Use smaller bowls and plates

This is more of a psychological way to cheat your eyes. You can use smaller bowls and fill those to the most to enjoy a feeling of a completely filled plate, but in reality, there are far lesser calories in the plate due to lesser food.

Do not measure weight every day

Start your weight loss journey by taking all the measurements like weight, waist, and arms. But do not make it a routine to take these measurements again and again. Follow your plan at least for one month and then take the measurements again. Weightloss is not an overnight journey that will give results in one day or one week. It may take longer and seeing no results on a scale can make you lose interest in weight loss. So stick to the plan for a considerable amount of time and then take measurements. But do not lose hope even if there are minimal or no changes at all. Sometimes, the body takes time to respond to the weight loss efforts. Stay motivated and keep the efforts going.

Try different forms of exercise

We all know that exercise is the key to weight loss. But every exercise is not meant for everybody. Moreover, following the same exercise may not give desired results. So, it is always good to adopt a mix of different forms of exercises. For instance cardio,cycling, yoga, swimming etc. This way you can focus on your whole body rather than just one area and be healthy.

Enjoy a good sleep of 8 hours

Sleep is the most important part of our health. A good sleep can keep your energy levels high while a disturbed or lack of sleep can make you lethargic or inactive. In fact, getting sufficient and good sleep can help in weight loss as well. Studies have shown that sleep can affect the hormones of our body including the hormones that regulate the hunger. A good sleep also reduces stress and can be effective in stress-related weight gain. So never compromise with your beauty sleep.

Don’t lose hope, even if you see no results

In the end, even if you cannot see any results from your efforts, there is no point in losing hope. Medical treatment has moved to another level and nowadays there are so many techniques that can help you lose those extra pounds to get back in shape.

One of the ways to lose weight is to undergo a bariatric surgery. This surgery is most suitable for morbidly obese individuals. One of the most successful weight loss surgeries is sleeve gastrectomy. This is a minimally invasive procedure, which means that small and less evident incisions are made in the body.

In this procedure, a major portion of the stomach is removed and only 15 percent of it is left to reduce the size of the stomach. The reduced size of the stomach suppresses hunger and also limits the food that a person can eat at a time.  This reduced intake of calories results in weight loss over a period of time. In fact, there are numerous benefits of sleeve gastrectomy that probably are not known to everyone but can help you in making a decision to undergo the procedure.

Weight loss is all about knowing your body and making changes that can change your body to a healthy state. But never forget “weight loss is a journey that never ends, even after you reach your desired weight.” Once you get into shape, your next journey to maintain this shape starts. Though the efforts required to maintain the shape are less as compared to efforts required getting into shape but efforts should never be stopped. Keep up your spirits high and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to be a role model for every person desiring weight loss.