Call Tracking

Starting a business and making sure it stays afloat, in the long run, are two different things. You need a huge financial investment and understanding of the market in order to start your career as a businessperson. However, these two components aren’t enough if you want your business to thrive and grow. You have to consistently look into different aspects of the business, both internal and external, to come up with appropriate strategies.

A technology called call tracking can help you in managing your business. Call tracking offers a long list of benefits, making it easier for businesses to know their customers, how they can satisfy their customers, and what specific areas they should improve on.

Businesses, regardless of their niche, size, and operations, can utilize call tracking. Although acquiring this technology from established companies such as Fone Dynamics will entail cost, this can be seen as a cost-effective investment. Call tracking can even become your leverage in today’s fast-paced business arena.

To determine if your business needs this technology, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want to track your ROI?

Starting a business with millions of dollars in the bank doesn’t guarantee success. Sure, you might be financially healthy during your first months of business operations, but if you don’t track where your money goes, it won’t be long before all of this resource will be gone. Usually, you will only notice the loss when it’s already too late. Call tracking can help your business steer away from this direction.

Call tracking allows you to assign different phone numbers to each of your marketing campaigns. This means your marketing strategies on social media will have one phone number, and your website will also have another. This variety allows you to easily determine which marketing mediums provide the highest and least amount of profit.

Do you want to determine peak call hours?

Customers will call your business phone number because they have an inquiry about your product or they have something to complain about. It’s important that someone from your business will always be there to pick up the phone; if not, you’ll end up losing customers and creating a negative brand in the market – problems that businesses are trying hard to avoid.

Call tracking can record the information of when calls are made to your business. You’ll be able to pinpoint the specific timeframe of when there’s an influx of customer calls. With this information, you can effectively manage the working schedules of your employees. You’ll know when the manpower count should be increased or decreased. This feature is basically like hitting two birds with one stone – your business can promptly assist customers with any concerns, and you’ll have that peace of mind knowing that employees are actually productive during their respective shifts.

Do you want to make quick decisions?

Running a business will require quick decision making. You can’t expect to stay on top of the competition if it takes you months to decide over a simple problem. By the time you have made a decision, your competitors have already penetrated the market or the trend have changed again. For your business to keep up with the times, use call tracking. This technology can provide all kinds of information for your business, which are accessible at any time. If you need to come up with a quick decision, all you have to do is pull up the records from your call tracking software. And because your decisions will be based on actual data and not mere guesses, risks can be minimized.

Do you want to improve call forwarding?

You might be selling one kind of product, but this doesn’t mean that all of your customers will also have the same concern about the product. One may complain how certain buttons aren’t functioning, while another may be frustrated because some parts of the product are missing. This is the reason why each of your employees is assigned to handle a specific concern. However, even with this kind of setup, there will still be instances when a customer would end up calling the wrong employee. Traditionally, this call will be transferred to the right employee but the process can take time. If the customer is already frustrated on the other line, don’t expect that he or she will have the patience to wait.

Aside from providing valuable information, call tracking can also improve your business’ call forwarding processes. Calls are immediately forwarded to the right employee, reducing a customer’s waiting time on the phone. Less idle time, more satisfied customers!

Do you want to target your marketing better?

A business will never grow and succeed if it doesn’t have a strong marketing plan. How else can a business promote its products and services? How will a business know what to produce in order to satisfy its customers? Generating a marketing plan will become easier with call tracking. This technology can help you determine who your target audience is and what they want from your business. It also provides in-depth information on their demographics. Collectively, all of these things can contribute for you to create a targeted and more specific marketing plan.

Do you want to manage your employees?

As mentioned, call tracking can record calls. These recordings can be a goldmine of information to know more about your customers. You already know this, for sure. But aside from knowing your customers and their needs and concerns, these recordings can also help you better manage your employees. These recordings can be your avenue to assess their performance on the phone. Are they able to treat customers professionally? Do they execute the protocols set by the business? Are the customers happy with their service? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can formulate and implement training and workshops apt for your employees’ needs. Honing their customer service skills can go a long way towards achieving business success.

Think Carefully

Because of its benefits, flexibility, and convenience, many businesses consider call tracking as a godsend for all of their common problems. If you’re convinced that your business does need call tracking, be wary of the companies you work with.

Since you’ll be paying for this technology, make sure you’re only doing business with reputable and well-established companies.

Spending your business’ financial resources on something that doesn’t contribute to its growth is the last thing you want to do.