For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the place to be.

Thousands of businesses are looking to expand their networks on this platform.

And for all the right reasons.

More than just a job-hunting platform, LinkedIn is fast becoming a lead-generation magnet. According to recent research, 80.3% of B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn – as compared to only 6.7% through Facebook.

The point is – LinkedIn works.

You just need to know how to leverage the platform to its full potential.

Here are three fail-proof tips to help you maximize your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy:

Boost your Brand Organically

Start by building a thorough, professional LinkedIn company page. Don’t forget to include all the important details of your business – from your products/services and company strengths to what you aim to achieve in the long run.

And remember – it’s your people who make your company stand out. Make sure all your employees have a professional presence on LinkedIn – from the top management to the bottom staff.

Kris Duggan offers a great example of what a professional LinkedIn profile should like. But creating a great profile or page isn’t enough. You also need to promote your business by sharing great content on the platform.

We recommend sharing rich industry insights and thought leadership articles. Sharing content also keeps your audience up-to-date with your company’s developments.

Consider using LinkedIn Pulse – an in-built news and blogging tool that lets you share self-published content. Getting featured on LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to convey thought leadership and reach relevant audiences.

Use Targeted Advertisements

If you want to amplify your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, you need to combine your organic strategy with paid promotions.

LinkedIn lets you pay to play in various ways – sponsored posts, display ads, and a cool feature called Dynamic Ads. While nearly all paid promotions on LinkedIn are targeted, Dynamic Ads let you reach a whole new level of running personalized ads.

This feature actually utilizes specific user data, such as names and profile pictures, to customize design and content and deliver more personalized ads to your audience. Whether you intend to retarget website visitors or reach professional audiences, paid promotions give you a surefire edge over your competitors.

Use LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups help you connect with like-minded people and brands.

You can choose from a multitude of existing groups related to your industry, and even make your own.

You can use LinkedIn groups to share job postings, ideas, creative content, and so much more. Brands can also have meaningful conversations with their target audiences. Groups can also be a great source of obtaining direct feedback from customers.

Also – the more active you are on a group, the more attention you’ll be able to grab. This helps an average user easily discover your brand.

Make sure you join LinkedIn’s Marketing Blog, where you’ll be able to find new and exciting content on digital marketing to help you boost your brand on the platform, as well as useful feature updates.

Maximize Your LinkedIn B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is fast becoming the go-to platform for many big companies, especially B2B business.

That’s because it offers tons of features and opportunities to effectively connect with other professionals and businesses in your niche.

The tips above will help you get started.