Phone Number

Most people still don’t know that they can search by phone number to trace information on individual background. In fact, whenever hard situations surface like trying to track a suspicious business partner, the first thought is to engage a private investigator or to check for free information online to find the answers.

However, there is a more useful tool out there to help resolve issues by providing firsthand information. The tool is a reverse phone number lookup, whereby current address, relatives, full name, address history, neighbors or an assortment of public records are availed by simply inputting the phone number into the search box.

How you can use phone number search to monitor your business competitors

All you need to do here is to know one of their phone number. After you perform phone number search here you will also know their business names and even their business address. Through reverse phone lookup, you will also find the suspicious message sender, and the information on your competitors.

Phone number search technique will enable you to know the type of number they are using. It will show if it’s a landline or the normal cell phone number. Reverse phone lookup will enable you to gather information like their email address, criminal records, social media profiles, and their location.

By use of Spokeo, the recent ownership of the number that is being used in the monitoring is revealed. It also shows if it’s a landline or a normal cell phone number, location, or even carrier if available. The report from reverse phone lookup might contain:

  • Owner’s name
  • Address history and location
  • Additional phone number
  • Email address(es)
  • Telemarketer complaints and reviews

By use of the reverse lookup report, you may be able to know their social media profiles, email address, criminal records, and even location. Through this, you can get to know the complaint history of your competitor.

Advantages of using online phone lookup tools in monitoring competitors

  1. Accessibility 24/7

Considering people to monitor your competitor will be costly and even may give inaccurate information. By use of Spokeo, it’s possible to do your monitoring anytime you wish to and be sere that it gives relevant information as the result.

  1. Cheap alternative

The phone lookup tools require only two things: gadgets like phone or laptop and internet connection. Hence it is cheaper as compared to hiring someone or acquiring other paid software to do the task.

  1. Creating a Public Relation(PR) media list

Such tools will enable you to track the coverage of your competitor’s PR. This will tell you the worthiness journalists add towards your media list. You will find it time-consuming if you build a long press list without monitoring your competitors first.

Just track your most competitors and set an alert to those competitors. In case of any updates on them, you will be notified. You just focus on big fish to view the influential data from them.

  1. Content marketing cracking strategy

Through monitoring competitors’ social media channels, blog etc., you get to know how they are utilizing their content. What they publish and when they publish.

You can also know how they market and if they manage it. What do they do? What are they writing on their blogs if they have them? How often do they write? What other things to they share?

  1. Finding Competitors backlinks

By use of these tools to set up alerts to monitor competitors’ website, real-time updates basing on who’s linking them is obtained. By getting to know which of their blog attracts other content creators helps you on deciding what you can create for yourself.

  1. Generating leads from unhappy customers

Though competitor monitoring, you can it into sales and money as compared to marketing. You can follow what their customers say to them online. For instance, if a customer is raising a problem which you can solve, then it is better for you to let them know. Hence you can turn that customer to be your customer.

  1. Collecting important product feedback

You can collect feedback from your customers so that you may know where you can improve. But these feedbacks may not be enough. Online reverse number lookup enable you to find holes from your competitors’ products through what their customers complain.

  1. Availability

Online tools are available and cheaply affordable. It’s just a matter of knowing how to use the tools. Hence it is cost effective.

Other tools for monitoring your competitors’ activity

  • SEMRush

This service helps you in acquiring PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising techniques and marketing activities from your competitors. It also allows you to monitor their linkbuilding activities and content strategy.

  • SpyFu

This tool also focuses on monitoring your competitors digital marketing strategy. It assists you in investigating most of their successful advertisement campaigns appropriately and also their profitable paid keywords.

  • Buzzsumo

It will help you check tactics and strategies your competitors and key players in your niche use in their content and social media marketing. This service can show you who has been sharing your competitor’s content. So Buzzsumo can be used to better know your competitors’ audiences, and that might be the key to understanding your own.


Reverse number lookup can get you the results you want in just seconds with just a phone number you can get owners address and name along with background information, but you have to use reputable service to get the most up to date results.

Most of the reverse phone number lookup service gives you a detailed address, the status of the phone connection and other related information. Though the information may vary slightly in the details available in the various sites, the prime information is definitely the same and reliable. Thus opt for this facility today itself if you need to monitor business competitors.

Author Bio : Olga Andriichuk works as the content manager at Spokeo. Her field of expertise includes business, marketing, and personal growth. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga classes and exploring new destinations.