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One of the more common ways that people seek to change their appearance is to add inches to their height.

On the surface, height certainly appears to be something that is set and can’t be changed. And there’s some truth to that; height is largely determined by genetics. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything at all that one could do to help themselves reach maximum height.

Much, if not all, of these adjustments should be made prior to puberty, of course, and many center around diet and exercise. Let’s take a quick spin through a few key points regarding height and explore whether or not there is anything you might be able to do to change your future.  Additional info can be found at


Anytime you want to make a change to virtually any aspect of your health or appearance, diet and nutrition is going to be where you want to start. And growing taller is no different.

If you’re still in puberty or if you’re trying to help a loved one reach their maximum potential in terms of their growth, ensure that the person is getting enough protein as they’re still developing. That doesn’t mean that genetics isn’t the top determining factor when it comes to overall height, but there is evidence that an increase in protein in the diet of people in both Japan and Denmark assisted in the increase in average height in their respective populations.

Other elements of nutrition are important, too: don’t eat too many fats or carbohydrates and make sure to eat plenty of plants.


If you’ve ever heard a rumor that weightlifting and other high-impact sports could stunt your growth, don’t believe it.

Instead, sports that require you to stretch your body out frequently and allow your joints to loosen, such as basketball and swimming, can actually have a positive effect on your height. Much of it is the appearance of being taller (it helps your limbs appear longer, for instance) and daily fluctuation plays a part in this as well (more on that in a moment), but there is a possibility for some upside there despite it being far from a sure thing.

Also, if you’re desperate to appear slightly taller, hanging and stretching can help your joints loosen and decompress, but again, it’s more of an appearance thing than a real, long-term solution.

Daily Fluctuation

Your actually at your tallest when you first wake up in the morning.

Think about it. When you’re asleep at night, your body relaxes, and your joints loosen. Additionally, there are sacs of fluid in your joints that will decompress while you’re lying down.

Then, throughout the day, your body settles and compresses as you walk around and stand. Gravity does a number on our height, and while there’s obviously a limit to how much your height can swing in each direction, it’s scientifically factual that there is some fluctuation.

Final Thoughts

The most important things you can do to impact your height as you’re heading through puberty is to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and exercise frequently.

Of course, it isn’t like that’s super complicated advice that you’ve never heard before, but it’s 100 percent accurate if you’re worried about trying to increase your height. There are no promises, of course, as there’s no clinically-proven way to suddenly be taller, but all of the above will certainly work to help you achieve your desired results.