Dabber Light Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber has proven to provide great quality vaping devices for novice, pros, and casual concentrate users, thus making a name for themselves in the vape industry. One of the remarkable Dr. Dabber dab pens is the extremely small, Dr. Dabber Light. Because of its size, you can easily conceal it but still get a potent punch, perfect for those vapers who want to use concentrates while on-the-go with little or no attention at all. Aside from the compact and lightweight design, what makes Dr. Dabber Light stand out among the overwhelming wax pen vaporizers in the market today? Is it worth every penny? Let’s find out!

Lightweight but Not Light

The Dr. Dabber Light is considered as one of the highest quality wax vaporizer pens around with its portable and stealthy design. Dr. Dabber Light is equipped with a high-resistance atomizer that heats slowly, vaporizing oil and wax at a more accurate and lower temperature without the electric or burnt taste. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology and components in a stealthier and slimmer design. The recessed coil sits deeper in the wax chamber, minimizing leaks and making loading material such as breeze.

The pronounced vapor production is truly a very impressive quality of Dr. Dabber Light. It can be described as a strong, leveraging with other brands of lightweight and compact dab pens available. While it is surprisingly lightweight, it will not leave you disappointed. It comes in black with 3 main components including the battery, the mouthpiece, and an atomizer screwed into the 510 screw-threaded battery. It has a single button with on and off functions. One strong point of Dr. Dabber Light is its portability. Take advantage of the excellent usability and less worry about managing them because it does not have a temperature adjustment. It feels so nice when you’re holding it, giving you a hint that everything feels precise and tight. You can quickly load your favorite wax material and only within a few seconds, you are ready to vape. The compactness and lightweight features are not degraded its impressive price point. It escapes the burnt flavor at the end of the hit, which one of the most common pitfalls of other low-cost vaping devices. Indeed, Dr, Dabber Light is more than a lightweight wax vape pen, making it as one of the best Dr. Dabber wax pens.

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Exploring Your Dr. Dabber Light

Apart from the Dr. Dabber Light unit, the kit comes with an extra atomizer coil for quickly swapping, your atomizer if it runs out, a blue silicone concentrate container, USB charger, concentrate tool, and a QuickStart guide. The Dr. Dabber Light Ceramic Atomizer features a CeramiCore Technology which is paired with Titanium Technology. Instead of glass fibers, the ceramic atomizer features CeramiCore technology with a medical-grade ceramic rod heating element. It is made of a medical-grade ceramic wick which is wrapped with a titanium heating coil (grade 4). The wick properly absorbs the oil or wax, creating smooth and flavorful draws.

The battery is extremely small but sufficient to surprisingly power your Dr. Dabber Light for a short period of time. You can fully charge this vape in just 2 hours. Upon receiving your new Dr. Dabber Light, expect that it comes 50% charged. We highly recommend draining the initial charge by turning it on before you charge it the first time. It is great for short trips like hiking, concerts, grocery, shopping, or intermittent use without worrying about recharging. The battery power is more than enough as long as you use it reasonably. A USB charger is included in the box with an indicator light that shows red when charging and green for complete. The crown jewel of Dr. Dabber Light is its stealth and form factor. It is made for incognito concentrate use.

Using a Dr. Dabber Light

Dr. Dabber Light is relatively easy to use. Just click the button 5 times quickly to power on or off the device then simply holding the button down while making a draw. The battery is where you find the power button. Any time you press the power button, the tip lights up blue. When you have experienced using an e-cig in the past, you’ll feel at home both in form and function using this vaping device. You’ll definitely feel a reassuring click every time because the button is tactile and small to ensure your dab pen is entirely engaged. When the button is activated, the small Dr. Dabber logo found on the bottom of the unit lights up, giving you an assurance that the unit is on.

The Dr. Dabber Light features simple assembly, so you’ll only need to work with a few parts, the atomizer, the mouthpiece, and the battery. You can take the atomizer apart into 3 pieces for easy maintenance, loading, or coil replacement. The mouthpiece tip can easily just pull out held in by the O-rings. The second piece comes off which is like a cover or sleeve to the atomizer, and the third piece is the actual atomizer that also unscrews the battery from the bottom part which also contains the coil. It is also simple to disassemble with each piece held on by durable silicon O-rings, providing a good seal that is easy to pull apart.

The capacity of the Dr. Dabber Light atomizer can work well with both tiny and larger amounts of concentrates. You can fill the device to the top or just put enough wax or oil to give you one to two draws. Its versatility allows you to take little pulls, short draws, and a nice puff of vapor, as well as a big rip and huge vapor clouds if you want. While there’s no temperature adjustability, it is very comfortable, and very easy to pull from, giving a natural feeling. It does not feel like you are pulling too hard nor too free-flowing. Generally, this vape is very easy to use, store, carry, and travel with. It is the perfect vape for those who are always on-the-go! It is cool and versatile you can use in different circumstances and situations.

When cleaning your Dr. Dabber Light, click the button quickly for 5 times to turn off the battery. Unscrew the mouthpiece and atomizer. Pour isopropyl alcohol in a small glass and place your atomizer until it’s completely submerged. You may leave the atomizer submerged in alcohol for about 20 to 30 minutes. Next, leave the atomizer and allow the remaining alcohol to evaporate for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. After which, screw the atomizer into the battery, pressing the button for about 1 to 2 seconds before you load the product again. Never leave the atomizer more than the recommended time frame because doing so will damage the rubberized finish on the exterior part.

Final Thoughts

The Dr. Dabber Light is not your ordinary wax vaporizer pen because it performs great for its small size. This is a perfect vaping device for your on-the-go adventures. It is a reasonably priced vape pen that delivers quality performance. It is simple, versatile, and comes with a superior performance. The vapor and flavor quality are both impressive and satisfying, giving you a good punch everytime. Dr. Dabber Light is your ultimate companion for all your oil and wax needs!