Gift Cards

On our website, you can find all about multiple ways of getting your hands on free Amazon gift cards. People find more and more creative ways to get extra money for spending on different websites, but little attention is given on what to use your gift card once you have it. In the spirit of frugal living (the term for minimizing costs, instead of earning more), here are some ideas about how to spend your free cash wisely.

#1. Pay your bills

It definitely doesn’t sound like the most glamorous thing to do, but bear with us. If the type of card or retailer allows for it, use the money for groceries or gas. Now, the terms and conditions may not let you exchange the gift cards for money, but you can still find a way to use them for utilities or to pay for one of your most basic expenses.

#2. Buy and sell for bigger profits

A great way to use gift cards for free to make money is by buying things with them that you will later sell to someone. Especially if it is something location-specific and it is associated with large transportation cost. Many people use this strategy as a side hustle from the comfort of their home. You can list them on different websites, such as Craiglist or try to sell them at your next garage sale. It’s extra cash, which is always welcome.

#3. Re-gift it or trade with someone else

Maybe you’ve won a couple of gift cards for free and you want to give them to your friends as a birthday present. You still save money on buying a gift and you might have ended up with a gift card from a place your friend would enjoy shopping at way more. Another option is to find someone who wants to trade gift cards with you. You just need to make sure the balance is exactly as much as they say.

#4. Buy Christmas presents

One of the biggest expenses we all have towards the end of the year is buying Christmas gifts. We tend to buy actual gifts because we want to show that we have put thought into the present and we’re not just handing over money to our family and friends. So, don’t rush to spend the money on your gift card and save them for that magical time of the year to reduce the financial stress around the holidays.

#5. Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally buy

So far, we’ve focused on what to spend your card money on that will either earn more money or save you some, but what about giving yourself a little treat. We all have a list of mandatory expenses – your rent, groceries, clothes, and so on. But we also have those online baskets and wish lists full of nice things you wouldn’t buy unless you had extra cash on your hands. Well, now that you have your gift card, why don’t you get that leather bag you have been eyeing for quite some time?

#6. Get something both you and the gift giver would enjoy

Maybe you didn’t win a free gift card by filling up a survey but you were rather given it by a close friend. In this case, you can buy something you both enjoy, like taking them out to dinner at your favorite restaurant or grabbing a coffee. Money is not just for saving, you deserve to enjoy it too. This way you will show a nice gesture of appreciation and who knows, the chain might have a rewards scheme so you can win points for your purchase.

#7. Donate

Yes, you read it right. If you don’t have any interest in using the gift card but it has been given to you anyway, just make someone else happy by donating it. You don’t have to boggle your mind with how to spend the amount in the most creative or smart way. Just leave that to someone else and save time. Don’t forget that donations often play a role in tax deductions.

If you have any other ideas about what to do with an unwanted free gift card or how to use it to achieve other financial goals, share them with us!