Online Survey Form

Some say online surveys are no longer “a thing” and that people are getting tired of it, especially speaking about the traditional feedback survey.

If surveys are the only way for you to reach your goals and desired results, then you’ll have to be creative and use some professional tips to win people’s attention and patience.

Here you’ll find tips and ways to help people go through your online survey without frustration and bring you a higher answer rate.

Point Out the Purpose Of The Survey

Be clear. Make it easy to understand. It’s not only for the person who will be filling the form, but it’s also for you, for your team, and your project. If you don’t determine your goal, it will be harder to accomplish, evaluate, and analyze it afterward.

And most importantly, decide what are you going to do with the data. How will you use it to help your business grow? Never put in hard work to collect such data from people without a clear purpose. Creating a useful and effective survey takes some time, so don’t waste it if it doesn’t bring any real advantage.

Keep It Simple and Basic

Keep your design simple, so that the survey would not annoy the person who is about to fill it. Don’t use drastic colors or too many colorful combinations – anyone would lose their focus if lost on a rainbowy survey.

Also be aware that fonts and font families matter – the readability of your survey has a direct correlation to the percentage of answers. Simple yet effective survey forms can be made with online survey tool.

Another thing to remember and keep simple are the questions that you are planning to ask. Keep them short, simple, and straight.

Keep Everything In a Logical Order

Start your survey with simple and brief questions and then move onto the more complex ones. On the other hand, more sensitive questions about location, wages, and contact information should be at the end of your survey.

It’s understandable that some questions in your survey will probably be related. No matter what your survey is about, but this issue appears basically every single time. If you ask a question about work experience, for example, “what kind of work experience do you have?”, a question “how many years have you worked in the field?” should follow next.

Always Test Your Survey Before Launching It

This tip might seem obvious, but very important on the other hand. You don’t necessarily need complicated tools to test it. Simply take the survey yourself and ask your colleagues or friends to do it – more eyes can see more than two of your does.

This way you can detect any grammar mistakes, logical mistakes, technical errors, and see the survey from the other perspective. Maybe some questions seem strange. Maybe some are not clear enough? Or perhaps you forgot to simplify it and add a dropdown option instead of an empty field? As you can see, testing and proofreading your survey can bring new better ideas.

Send Invites and Reminders

After you‘ve finished building your online survey, it‘s time to spread the word about it and invite people to fill it. Choose the time to send the survey wisely – Friday is believed to be one of the best days, but it also depends on your target audience. You can search for more statistics about best timing online.

After the first wave of answers, a good idea is to send a reminder to the people you want to receive responses from. Some of them would gladly fill your form, especially if you are offering something in return. But you just need to remind them, because you’d be surprised how many contents go through unnoticed these days.