How to Dress up this Summer if you are Pregnant

First of all, congratulations if you are pregnant. It, indeed, is a journey to celebrate. You deserve well-fitted and beautiful clothes that work well to make you feel and look the best version of yourself. 

The best maternity clothing styles to dress up in summer should not be restricted to your pregnancy phase. Instead, you should be able to wear it before, during, and even after pregnancy. The idea is to invest in affordable, fashionable, comfortable, and sustainable clothing. So, here we have curated the ultimate maternity styling guide to dressing up this summer to feel and look beautiful for the nine months and beyond.  

Maternity tops 

The best maternity tops are the ones that are affordable, fashionable, super comfortable, and made with sustainable and natural materials. In addition, they should be maternity-friendly and often oversized to accommodate the growing bump. Above all, you can easily wear them for nine months and beyond your pregnancy. 

Some of the maternity-friendly tops include tunics, shirts, tees, crews, and crop tops. 

Maternity jeans 

Women prefer to wear jeans during pregnancy; however, they are scared that it will hurt the baby. So, clearing the haze around, it is generally harmless to wear jeans while pregnant. There is a range of jeans outfits to wear this summer to look and feel your best. That said, high-waists are the most preferred variety as it offers maximum support and comfort throughout the pregnancy. 

Additionally, stretchy denim jeans that look and feel like conventional jeans from the bottom but have a legging-like waistband at the upper line are a great option. It is super comfortable and elastic and gives great room for your growing belly throughout pregnancy. 

Maternity leggings 

Leggings are another great option that styles well with almost every cloth. These are affordable, comfortable, and super-stretchy to provide room for the developing baby bump. And as you are soon to be a parent, organic clothing that is environmentally friendly and sustainable should be your priority. Leggings made from cotton, bamboo, or other organic and natural materials are good for your skin, growing baby, and even our planet. 

Maternity bras

The right kind of maternity bra should provide maximum support and comfort. In addition, such maternity-friendly bras allow effortless nursing. The idea is to switch to maternity and nursing-friendly bras as soon as possible as the changes start to take place quite early in pregnancy. However, most pregnant women begin to realize it after the end of the first trimester. 

Do choose high-quality and well-fitted bras for adequate support and comfort. Moreover, the changes and requirements for every woman are different during pregnancy. For example, with some breasts, sizes go up to many bra cup sizes before even the baby bump starts to grow. So, buy the right kind of bra that feels well-fitted and feels right for you.  

Maternity loungewear 

Other great maternity-friendly clothing options to flaunt in summer are nightwear and loungewear. A range of maternity and nursing-friendly brands provide super soft, high-quality, comfortable, sustainable, and durable options to support developing baby bumps and help you breastfeed your baby at the hospital or the home. In addition, these clothing styles aim to make dressing sustainable, well, and nursing easy for you. So, this summer, choose comfortable loungewear that promotes easier breastfeeding and a good night’s sleep. 

Maternity-friendly office clothes 

Almost nothing can stop a woman from looking her best and great at work, especially during pregnancy. And a range of chic, casual, and sustainable clothing styles have made a stylish workwear dream true for women. Fashion designers aim to create luxurious, beautiful, and stylish maternity-friendly clothing that helps women look and feel their best in the nine months of pregnancy and beyond. 

Maternity-friendly swimwear 

The summer styling guide is nearly incomplete without bikinis. The right kind of maternity swimwear is affordable, comfortable, and made with stretchy fabrics. Some of the options include bathing suits, bikinis, one-pieces, bodysuits, and tankinis. 

Maternity-friendly flat shoes

Apart from clothing, the right shoe pair provides maximum comfort and support during pregnancy. When in doubt, go for a minimalist sandal with a thin sole and good cushioning to feel comfortable. Such shoes are naturally lightweight, help you feel the ground, and keep your feet safe. 


The best choice is to find the right set of bump-friendly clothes but non-maternity. So that you can wear it throughout your pregnancy and beyond; also, choose affordable, oversized, and comfortable clothes to give room to your developing baby bump. So take help from the above-mentioned maternity clothing styles and flaunt this summer season by looking your best.