Bug Control Tips

Despite their clear name, bed bugs don’t have a sense of propriety. They can hide away in your bed and other items in your bedroom. Note that these bugs are tiny and opportunistic. They can easily migrate in luggage, clothes, purses, and different kinds of fabrics to anywhere they can find food. And that sought after source of food is you.

If you suspect that your couch and other favorite pieces of furniture have hidden bed bugs, consider contacting a professional pest control company to inspect your home for pests and take the proper steps to exterminate them. Here are essential steps to take if you suspect bed bugs in your house.

How to know if there are bed bugs in your home

In case you have noticed itchy welts on your skin, or your loved ones have complained about this problem, there is a possibility of bed bug infestation in your home. Other signs there are bedbugs in your home include specks of blood on your upholstery fabrics or your clothes. Sometimes, if you are careful enough, you can spot them.

Note that these creepy little animals are tiny about the size of an apple seed. Besides, juvenile bugs are even smarter and know when and where to hide. Therefore, you should work with a pest control company whose experts can inspect your home for these bugs. Remember, such professionals have the right equipment and skills to identify and exterminate bed bugs.

Bed Bug control

Contain the bed bug infestation

Now that you know you have bed bugs in your home, it’s time to contain them so that you can get rid of them. An easy and quick way to trap bed bugs is to use a vacuum machine. Just run the vacuum over all possible hiding places such as dresser, bed, electronics, and carpets. Seal up the vacuumed dirt and bugs and dispose of it appropriately.

Seal your clothes and lines that may be infested with bed bugs in plastic bugs until you have the time to wash them effectively. If you can’t wash the clothes immediately, put them on the highest temperature setting in your washer and dryer. In case an item cannot be washed, just put it on the dryer for half an hour at the highest possible heat setting.

The moment you confirm the bedbug infestation, you need to act fast. Cleanliness is important. First, gather everything that can be washed and toss it in the washer. An amazing trip through the washing machine using hot water followed by a tumble on high heat can kill all the known stages of bedbug development.

Well, some items such as upholstery and rugs cannot be tossed in the washer. Consider vacuuming every surface and all crevices. It is also recommended to turn over all the pieces of furniture to vacuum every surface to capture all the possible bugs and debris. During vacuuming, it is wise to empty the cup or bag into a plastic bag that can be completely sealed and disposed of away from your home.

Hire a professional

Generally, DIY bed bug control is never a good idea. Bedbugs multiply very fast and are good at hiding and evading extermination. These are the two aspects that make bed bug extermination more challenging even for some professionals. Therefore, when hiring a bug control company, consider checking their reputation, the extermination methods they use, and their overall experience.

Note that bed bugs can linger in curtains, carpets, and wallpaper seams. That means chemical treatment with the right insecticides is always needed. These chemicals are better handled by a professional. The professionals can also help with the installation of receptors to prevent the bedbugs from crawling into your furniture. In the long run, professional bug control is better than the DIY option.