log homes

A log home means esteemed, environmentally friendly and strong home. The idea of living in such a house has emerged from the human desire to associate with nature. Users gave surprisingly positive thoughts when asked for feedback from the log home builders.

People shared their experience and said that it made them feel like living in the arms of nature, and also felt close to God. They feel that they had become more stress-free and calm as compared to before when they used to live in regular houses made of artificial materials.

Here are few attributes of log homes

#1. Temperature Balance

Living in such a home could solve all your problems related to weather. Wood can store high heat. You will always find warmth in wooden walls which is gradually distributed in rooms. This ability creates a comfortable and cozy environment within the house throughout the year. Wooden logs undergo through the adequate testing procedure before being used in log cabin kits.

#2. Natural breeze

It will not be excessive to convey that these houses can actually breathe. Due to natural ventilation, no air conditioners are required in these houses. The doors and windows are sufficient for enough air in the home. The other material used to build a cabin kit apart from wooden logs is also chosen to keep house airy.

#3. Humidity balance

Humidity indoor the log cabin does not fluctuate. If humidity increases inside the house, timber walls begin to absorb it. On the contrary, in extremely dry weather, wood tend to bring the moisture back.

#4. Sustainable

Wood is a lasting building material. Lodgepole Pine or Douglas wood is commonly used in log cabins in Colorado. Suitably serrated and maintained log cabins could be durable forever. There are examples in Siberia, Lithuania and in Scandinavian countries  where 700 years old wooden houses are still in existence.

#5. Affordable

Though the cost to build a log cabin depends on the location you choose, but still, they are more affordable than framed homes. The process is fast, so there is a significant saving in terms of labor cost.

#6. A Lifelong asset

It is a cost-effective investment. In the long run, you can make more money by selling the house. With time a log house built of good quality logs becomes more expensive. A log home is something that you can hand over to younger generations. These homes could be a precious gift from a parent or grandparent to their children.

#7. Healthy to live in

Living in a house made of wood has enormous health benefits. Lungs and respiratory tracts function more appropriately of the people who live in wooden homes. There is less amount of dust accumulation as wood as got electrostatic properties. Skin allergies get cured while staying in such houses.

#8. Self decorative

A wood house is classy in itself. There is a lot of room to show your creativity in designing. However, you might need just a bunch of external decorative items in a wooden house.

#9. Dynamic

Above is a prominent feature that the log cabins leave a much more room for changes or improvements. The process to do minor changes in log cabins is fast, easy and economical. Though frequent and repeated changes are not advisable.

#10. Safe

Wood is not a conductor of electricity. So there is zero probability of getting electric shock inside the home. Wood is well treated with fire extinguishers and insecticides. The painting techniques used to build a log cabin are efficient in making it waterproof.

The attributes mentioned above of log homes have increased their demand worldwide.