With summers comes the thirst of cold water. It instantly quenches your thirst and gives a cooling sensation, helping us tackle the summer heat. Room temperature water won’t cool your sweating hot bodies for sure. You instantly feel happy and relaxed after drinking cold water as it helps you fight the scorching summer heat. Most people drink cold water during summers to beat the heat as it cannot be possibly traded with any other beverage or any other temperature.

As soon as we reach home, the first thing we do is to run towards the refrigerator and grab a water bottle; some even add ice cubes to their water to make it colder. This helps a lot to get rid of the exhaustion of the day. But this same cold water that you enjoy drinking so much can take a toll on your digestive track. More cold water you consume, more are the consequences. Even Ayurveda suggests, no matter how hot it gets, avoid drinking chilled water. This might disturb the normal functioning of the gastric juices and disturb the balance of doshas.

Drinking of cold water during summers can hence prove to be very dangerous causing many health problems, below are some ill effects of drinking cold water:

#1. Chances Of Heart Diseases

Consumption of cold water constricts your blood vessels that make your heart pump blood. This will cause strain to your heart and slowly your heartbeat starts slowing down.

#2. Gaining weight Abruptly

Never drink cold water right after having your meals because it will slow down your digestion process causing adverse effects on your metabolism. When your body metabolism is slow, it will cause excess fat accumulation in the body.

#3. Body Temperature Changes Suddenly

During the summer season, the temperature of our body does not match with the external environment. The temperature of the external environment is higher than our body. You might end up making the situation even worse by drinking cold water because it can cause an accumulation of mucus in the bronchial activity that causes common cold and cough.

#4. Deficiency of Nutrition

When cold water is consumed, the body wastes a lot of energy in order to maintain body temperature. Due to this, the adverse effect is seen in the digestive system. The nutrients are not properly absorbed by our intestines.

#5. Might catch Diseases

Drinking cold water weakens your immune system. The risk of getting allergies and other ailments is elevated.

#6. Causes Indigestion

Food is also not digested properly because of cold water consumption. It also slows down your gut activities causing acidity, indigestion and gas.

#7. Causes Headache

The body temperature drops and rises suddenly, causing adverse effects on our brain. Simply by drinking cold water, you might suffer from a headache.

#8. Issues of the Intestines

Consuming cold water will shrink your intestines, due to which the food does not move easily down the intestines. This causes severe pain in the gut region.

#9. Slowing down of Blood Pressure

Cold water can elevate the problem of high BP in people. Vasoconstriction can cause blood circulation to slow down.

#10. Causes Laziness

Our body faces great energy loss because of the sudden temperature drop that also makes us feel tired all day long.

Therefore, it is advisable to switch from chilled water to room temperature water. For better results drink water from a water purifier, this will help you remain healthy as well. According to your needs, select the best water purifier for home. Water purifiers in India have an RO water system as well, which is best for health.