Minimalistic fashion is a lifestyle, and one needs to live it to the optimum. Here is a guide on how to create the right wardrobe for yourself:

Step 1: Take a look at the previous wardrobe to know what you have and what really is required. It will help you decide the things you need to buy. It’s preferable to make a list as it will eliminate the chances of confusion.

Step 2: It involves some introspection on what kind of minimalist wardrobe you wish to have as minimalism is not always about switching to greys, blues and other subtle hues. You need to determine your style first. Know what you want and how you want to look. You can take some inspiration from the infographic given below.

Step 3: Reduce the clutter of the wardrobe. Minimalism is anti-hoarding, make sure you have a decent number of clothes that are of good quality. Repair the clothes that kept for long, but you wish to wear. Remove clothes that have been lying for ages, and you won’t wear them ever.

Step 4: Create a stylish yet calculative collection of clothes. You can make use of the list at this step. For more convenience, you can order them online from some amazing websites like Chesca. They have a fantastic collection of minimal clothing.