How to Choose the Floor Tiles for Small Bathrooms

Before we begin, imagine yourself living in a custom-built home that has a luxurious bath and dressing room to cater you like a celebrity. You just had a nice time while bathing and drinking wine in a grand claw foot bathtub and now it’s time to soak up in a separate spa corner. As the experience can soothe your soul to the next level, it’s time to come back to reality and accept it that your bathroom still looks nothing like luxury. It’s small and you have to do something about it, right?

There is no doubt in the fact that luxury bathrooms feel cozy and intimate. It can even sparkle like a jewel box, if decorated well, but what small bathrooms can’t achieve is elegance. However, for your surprise we have found a solution to that as well.

If your imagination above was strong or even by chance, you ever had the chance to enjoy the awesomeness of luxury bathrooms, then you must have realized that one thing that really stands out in any designer bath is the floor tiles.

By now you might be wondering how can floor tile elevate the overall appeal of the bathroom or even if it does than what do you really need to do with it for your small bathroom?

A lot of you would also be arguing with the fact that nice floor tiles can make the bathroom look clean at maximum. But honestly, that is just an under estimation of the abilities of bathroom floor tiles.

Just like the way, an evenly maintained fresh grass can light up any part of the world outside, floor tiles play the similar role when placed anywhere inside the house.

So, for now we are going to focus on how can one get the right tile for a small bathroom that should ideally make it look bigger and brighter. Fortunately enough, you will get thousands of different styles, colors and designs on the market, but in the end it will all come down to how you will pick the best bathroom tiles that should perfectly suit your space.

That is exactly what we are going to discuss right now as we have compiled a list of useful tips that will help you in the cause of finding the right floor or wall tiles for your small bathroom. Without taking more of your time, let’s get into details now.

What’s the best size tile for your small bathroom?  

If you previously used to select the size of your tile according to the measurements of your bathroom, then that was a wrong trick, by all means. In reality, your small bathroom can actually benefit a lot, if large tiles get placed inside it. The fewer grout lines make the walls and floor look less cluttered and by doing so the visuality of the room expands as well.

On the other hand if you go for smaller tiles, such as mosaics, the grout lines will become more prominent, hence giving the bathroom a more grid-like appearance which also provoke the feeling of being enclosed in a box.

However, the fact stated above doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pick up small tiles at all for your bathroom remodeling. In case if you really love the beautiful mosaics, you can always mix them up a bit with other sizes around different zones in your bathroom e.g. shower area with small tiles,  a larger format tile for majority of the floor in your bathroom and mosaic tiles in alcoves or recesses.

One of the most major mistakes that home owners often make relates to trusting their own guess while they search out for the right size of tile at the shop. You cannot have an exact estimate without looking at the bathroom so the best way to move forward with that is by requesting for samples or laying them on a sample board to see how they look when joined together.

Does Layout Really Matter?

Yes, it does and if you want to go for a designer tip then always lay your tiles in diagonal patterns for small bathrooms. This tricks the eye into seeing that space bigger than what it really is. For an experiment you can always thoroughly analyze the normal squared options as and once done, you will realize that they were fairly easy to count as well. However, if you arrange them diagonally, the dimensions start appearing large to the eyes. Popular chevron patterns can be your best bet for such layouts.

There are also chances that a lot of you might not like diagonal tile pattern, so for all those people who want to try out something more unique and fresh, layout your tiles in brick bond. But this method can work the best only for metro tiles as it will limit the grid pattern effect and emphasize on the width and height of a room.

Which Color Should You Choose?

When it comes to colors, the safest option for small bathrooms are lighter shades as applying them with the right size of tile can help you achieve what you are really looking for; a bigger and visually pleasing bathroom. Moreover, colors like white or cream for bathroom tiles will also bring in more light and improve the environment as well.

Besides that you can always try glossy, metallic or mother-of-pearl finish tiles, which provides the additional advantage of adding a bit of art to the walls inside your bathroom.

But if you want to go for darker shades, then they also provide a sense of depth to a space, either throughout the room or, on walls.

Patterned or Plain Tiles?

Although Mexican tiles with their extra ordinary patterns can make walls advance visually, but that comes at the compromise of shrinking down the appeal of bathroom. If you are still willing to use the patterned tiles for more character in your bathroom, try putting them below the dado rail height, and for the space above, go for plain light-colored tiles. This trick will draw your eyes upwards and across the room, hence making if look larger than life.

Which material will suit your small bathroom the best?

The most preferred options is natural stones that comes in various forms i.e travertine, marble, limestone, slate and granite, each having its own natural properties. But if that is not good enough for you, then you can always try out slate that offers low porosity and a non-slip nature due to the riven texture above it. Stones like marble, travertine and limestone, to be specific, on the other hand offers the perk of polishing them for a high shine or stunning finish.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are other affordable manmade option that come in various finishes. Apart from that you can also play around with mimic stone and wood that have their own benefits like bright colors, decorative patterns, high glosses and raised prints.

The Placement of Tiles in Your Small Bathrooms

Filling up your small bathroom with tiles from floor to ceiling can feel cynical and even appear awful in some cases. As the aim is to make your bathroom feel big, you need to adopt a decorative flow which should incorporate all the fixtures and fittings. The best placement will also take care of small gaps of painted wall in between.

The struggle doesn’t end at planning and designing. In fact, as once the problem of finding the right tile for small bathrooms end, the next one related to its installations starts. Tiles are sensitive and therefore you cannot afford to go for a contractor that doesn’t have experience and expert skills to decorate your bathroom. So, it is your prime responsibility to dedicate the same amount of effort into hiring the best bathroom remodeling company in San Francisco, CA for best results.

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