Dubai is one of the emirates of the UAE. The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world. This automatically means that most services in this emirate are targeted at a high-end customer. In essence, by receiving any services in Dubai, there are chances that you are rich. On this basis, if you do car detailing in Dubai, there is a pretty good chance that you are well off in life.

You are probably thinking; doesn’t this mean you are successful if you receive the same service in any developed nation? What’s so special about getting this service in Dubai, as compared to a place like Norway, Sweden or any of the other Scandinavian countries? Well, Dubai stands out from these places in multiple ways. To break it down for you, here is why having your car detailed in Dubai is a sign of success.

#1. Dubai is known for extravagance

Dubai is known worldwide for extravagant living. It’s one of the few places in the world where everything is edgy, from futuristic skyscrapers to gold-plated cars. You will find them all in Dubai. Essentially this means that everything here is customized to meet the exquisite taste of the high and mighty. That’s not the kind of extravagance you will find in other rich nations.

Therefore, if you can afford to do your car detailing in Dubai, then it sure is a success. Not many people can afford to do it, in a country where the police drive around in Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

#2. Cost of living is high especially for expatriates

Anyone who has lived in Dubai knows that the cost of living is quite high, especially for expatriates. You need to spend huge amounts on housing, be it for renting or buying. In essence, if you are able to take care of all these services and take your car for professional detailing, it means you are rich. Your income is much higher than that of most people all across the world. It sure is a sign of success. That’s because, unlike normal car wash, detailing is quite expensive, not just in Dubai, but the world over.

#3. Car maintenance is expensive in Dubai

Cars are relatively cheap in Dubai. However, the cost of maintenance is a different story altogether. The cost of repairs, parking and fines are extremely high. The costs can be so high that, if you don’t have a high enough income, you may end up giving up the car. In essence, if you have enough money to take your car for detailing, it means you are making good money.

You are definitely more successful than lots of people all across the world. You have the money to maintain a lifestyle that most people would find expensive, even in places as developed as the U.S.

The bottom line is that life in Dubai is expensive, and if you can afford luxuries like professional car detailing, then you have it good. You may not be driving around in a gold-plated Rolls Royce, but you are definitely doing well.