A gorgeous place to unwind and relax is our need for living a healthy life. That area in the bathroom that has a charming bathtub to get warm baths with essential oils and salts is the favorite for most of us. A little bit of change may transform the experience and provide you a happy space at the house. Some of us get bored of things quite easily but if you take some time and add the right kind of colors to the home décor, the feeling of monotony may go away instantly.

Besides the beauty element, we also need a functional and user-friendly bathroom. The faucet placement should be very convenient if you are following bathroom remodeling trends form just anywhere, without any proper thinking. There may be hundreds of new ideas for decorating a bathroom that is consistent with this year’s style needs, but you have to find the perfect one according to your personality.

Unique shapes in mirrors

You can use a wide variety of asymmetrical shapes to make the mirrors more dynamic and imaginative. Mirrors are not just for the grooming up in the morning, they can be used to give a magical ambiance to the place. When people use mirrors on a whole wall, the bathroom looks so big because of the reflections. If lots of mirrors make you feel more self-conscious, then it is completely fine to have one or two weirdly shaped mirrors and make the bathroom impressive.

Vintage Tiles

Using tiles in the bathroom for the floor or other surfaces are the most commonly practiced trend. However, to find the right type and size of ceramic tiles is an art which everyone is not able to perform. If you do not feel confident about the task at hand, then hire the experts who have skills and a creative mind to formulate unique ideas using these tiles. Why the classic looking tiles? Styles and fashions come back after sometimes and the serene designs have returned for bathroom renovating in this year.

Single material everywhere

The word single here means that we restrict our self to one type of material such as marble, ceramic, stone or fiber. Every area is adorned with the use of one color and material so that the bathroom feels like one unit and the image of this area is perceived as big in our mind. Imagine if you enter a bathroom and every angle your eyes wander to have the same color and texture. it may give a very calming effect as in this world of chaos we all need a place where something is there to offer a singular image. Having a white marble on every surface, wall, and floor of your bathroom acts as a soothing agent from all the stress of a day at work.

Geometric shapes

Obsessively using irregular shapes can bring a chaotic image to the house and will stress the mind as well. In most of the bathrooms nowadays, designers use geometrically shapes tiles such as hexagons are very popular. The formation of attractive geometric patterns for the facing wall or the shower area gives the bathroom a majestic appearance.

Various colors of marble

A combination of more than one color is very attractive and if you manage to figure out a perfect blend then the bathroom will look outstanding. There are tons of colors now available in marble, but the type, size, and colors of marble slabs available for bathrooms are selected according to the designs used in other areas of a house.

Wooden planks for vanity renovation

Wood might not be a good idea for the bathroom walls or floor, but if you are using for some specific areas, then it can work well. No one can deny the gorgeous effect of wood in a house and if you can even add it to the bathroom, the whole idea will be successful. In order to install wooden planks in this specific room of your house or office, some important things must be kept in mind:

  • Appropriate plumbing
  • Accurate slopes for water flowing away from wood
  • Essential lamination om wooden fixtures
  • Preventive measures for the insulation.

Frameless shower area

In the new trends these days, the use of frameless shower door in Miami is the most adored because it has a magical charm. Everyone would like to have a shower area completely made of glass without any other frames such as fiber, wood or metal. The real reason for these doors is to eliminate the water damage factor that is always possible in case of using other materials except glass.

Several texture and stones

No need for restricting to one type of texture for the whole bathroom. There are hundreds of stones, tiles and other textured material in the market that you can create and use a limitless number of combinations for the bathroom embellishment.

Smart bathrooms

Why not the technology usage in bathrooms, if every single thing is being controlled by apps and smartphones. There are now smart showers which allow you to get the perfect amount, speed, drop size and time of water flow in the shower area. You can also control the temperature and add salts to the shower as well. These gadgets which are installed in the bathroom can be operated with the help of your phone and playing your favorite music while having a shower is also available in this technology.

Spacious with a view  

Bigger bathrooms are becoming popular every day because the idea of relaxing in a large room, seems quite positive. This trend for bathrooms can be a welcoming sign for people having claustrophobia.  In the current era, there are full wall sized windows being added to the bathrooms. That style can share a great view when we step into the area and can enjoy a beautiful morning.

Gold in the fixtures  

Golden color has its own class and unique effect on human minds. Adding some gold on the borders of the bathtub, to the faucets, mirror frames, windows, tile designs, and other fixtures can make it look like some ancient royal bathroom.

A mini wardrobe with the bathroom

Usage of space wisely is quite essential, that is why we need to gather all information about the cabinets and fixtures before adding something to the bathroom furnishings. A very huge closet inside the bathroom can damage its spacious and relaxing image. But still you would not want to waste a lot of space if the other wardrobe is not quite enough, you might as well install a reasonably sized closet to the bathroom.

Do keep in mind the moisture issue and use a resistant material as well as a perfect shielding system for the things being kept inside. An insulator seal is required for these closets to keep the belongings moisture free.

Surprising color addition  

A little pop of dramatic colors can be refreshing for the whole space. It is your choice that which seems interesting for adding some colors such as purple, turquoise, orange, shocking pink and so on. Imagine a scatter of such colors in your bathroom with the combination of grey or any light theme. The point of this trend is to keep a place lively so that the monotony of life is broken. Keeping the bathroom relaxing with a hint of some adventure is a new idea which provides home ornamentation a completely different dimension.

Gorgeous paintings

In the present era of bizarre ideas, one can practically put anything in their bathroom and it will be accepted as part of style and embellishments. The things which usually were not part of the bathroom décor in the last decade but now we can implement the tricks to update our place are:

  • Cushioned chairs
  • Closets
  • Vanity cabinets
  • Classic paintings
  • Chandeliers
  • Glass walls
  • Windows with a view

Are you being confused due to so many choices? Don’t be, just look within and then place every design in your mind and imagine your bathroom decorated in that style. The one that instantly clicks is the correct one. Although, there are enough options already in the market some of us have creative skills and many of the ideas can be customized according to one’s own liking or need.

Author: Justin Mark is an experienced house remodeling contractor, and has been in this business for more than a decade. He is very enthusiastic about his work and keeps himself updated by the latest home improvement trend.