How to Become a Fashion Brand Ambassador

The brand ambassador is a person who represents a company. But this isn’t an official representative, to whom you can come with complaints and questions about products, but rather a public person, who really uses the products or services of the company and actively talks about it.

The Ambassador often doesn’t say “Buy this!”, but all the time demonstrates his own love for the brand. Looking at this, people who trust the ambassador begin to trust the brand.

What benefits can an ambassador receive from a brand?

The essence of ambassadorship is based on the concept of cashless rewards, when ambassadors receive awards and bonuses in the form of products or gifts from their favorite brand.

Person, who builds trust in a brand among their social media followers, can get the following benefits from the company:

  • big discounts on the purchase of goods or services of the company
  • personal gifts
  • exclusive / personalized products
  • free production

It doesn’t make you profit, but it really helps to save money on buying goods or services that you like.

What should brand ambassadors do?

  • Create a positive attitude towards the brand among their followers;
  • Build brand awareness;
  • Create a circle of like-minded people;
  • Take part in advertising campaigns;
  • Promote the ideas of the company.

Famous brand ambassadors

There are many brand ambassadors among celebrities. Selena Gomez is the ambassador of the Puma sportswear and footwear brand and has created a collection of bags together with the fashion house Coach. The number of followers on the brand’s social networks has grown by 50% during this time.

Ferrari pilot Charles Leclair (here’s more about him) has become the new face of the Giorgio Armani brand and the Made to Measure fashion line. The famous racer has always taken an interest in men’s fashion and considers it a great honor to represent the clothing brand of the iconic designer Giorgio Armani.

Bold, determined and elegant British actress Keira Knightley embodies the spirit of the Chanel brand. She stars in commercials, attends fashion shows and wears the brand’s products. Most importantly, that she does it with real love for the Chanel fashion house.

How to become a brand ambassador?

Despite the fact that world famous companies prefer to choose celebrities as brand ambassadors, now almost any person who has an account on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other social network has the opportunity to apply for any brand ambassador programs. The main thing is to make an effort and present yourself correctly.

  • Be a real fan of the brand and use its products / services;
  • Have popular and interesting social media accounts where you will share your impressions of the brand’s product / service that you like;
  • Be creative and write posts or make videos that don’t look like intrusive ads;
  • Be charismatic, outgoing and able to deal with negative reviews.

Before becoming a brand ambassador, you should consider that this is a very honorable job, but requires a lot of responsibility from applicants. Everyone who wants to become a company ambassador should carefully monitor his social media reputation and the reputation of the company he represents.