How To Activate YouTube Using Youtube.comactivate

We all know that YouTube is a fantastic platform to kill some time however many people will use it to watch television. If you are unsure how to use YouTube TV with your television then don’t worry. We cover many streaming platforms to help you activate your YouTube TV. 

What Is YouTube TV 

YouTube TV is an American streaming platform for your television. It is used across many devices and has access to over 85 television networks. That includes CBA, ABC, NBC, ESPN, AMC, HGTV, TNT and many more. 

There are hundreds of shows that you can sit down and watch and, there is a genre for everyone. Whether you want a show packed with drama or a TV show you and the little ones can sit down and watch, YouTube TV has it all. These are available at the click of a button on our iPads and Phones however, they are much better on a flat-screen TV so you and your family can watch it. 

What Streaming Platforms Can Be Used For YouTube

YouTube is available on many streaming platforms however it is also available on gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TV and Samsung TV can use YouTube TV. 

How To Activate YouTube On Roku

Like most devices, setting up YouTube TV on your Roku device is simple and won’t take long once you know how. 

Sign in to your account. Here, you will given a code which you will receive on your streaming device. If you don’t have YouTube already installed on Roku. Follow the steps below. 

To Install YouTube TV On Roku

Step One – Click the home button on your remote to access the home screen. Once you are on the home screen. Click on the search tab. This is where you will search YouTube. Multiple options will appear so make sure to click on YouTube TV and click install. 

Step Two – Once the app has finished installing, open the app. From here, you will need to navigate to Go to Channel. You will then need to go onto m the account icon. It is where you will sign in. You will then need to enter your Google or YouTube account information. 

Step Three – An activation code should appear on your television screen. It will tell you to visit the URL on your computer. You will then need to activate your account with the code your television screen is showing. Once completed, YouTube is activated on your television and you can watch the channels you wish to watch. 

How To Activate YouTube On Kodi

Kodi is another streaming service that many people use on their smart TVs. Installing YouTube on Kodi is more difficult than on Roku but nothing too complicated. 

How To Install YouTube On Kodi

Step One – Click on the add-ons tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you are on that page, click on the opened box in the top left of the menu. 

Step Two – A menu will appear and you need to click on the repository, and then click on video add-ons. Find YouTube on the list that appears and select it to install the app. Then once the installation is complete, open the application. 

Step Three – Once you are in the YouTube app, click sign-in. Again, a code will then appear on your screen. Visit the URL on your computer and enter the code which has appeared on your screen. This is now activated on Kodi. 

How To Activate On Xbox Consoles

Both Xbox and Playstation are similar when activating YouTube TV on them. It is a simple process and shouldn’t take you too long. 

How To Install YouTube

Step One – The first step is to install YouTube and to do this, you must visit the Microsoft Store. Search for YouTube and click install. 

Step Two – Once the app is installed, open YouTube and click on the Sign In in the top left corner. Once you have signed in, a code will appear. 

Step Three – Visit the URL, on your computer and enter the activation code that is shown on your Xbox. Once you entered the code, click next. Your Xbox should have then activated YouTube TV. 

How To Activate YouTube On Chromecast

Activating YouTube on Chromecast is simple and probably the easiest out of them all as you don’t need to worry about installing the app. 

Step One –  Ensure both your mobile device and Chromecast are on the same WiFi. In the top right corner, you should see a screen with the WiFi symbol in the bottom left of the screen. Click on that. 

Step Two – This will show many devices. Make sure you click on Chromecast. Once that is done, the video you wish to watch will appear on your television screen. 

How To Activate YouTube On Apple TV

Apple is another streaming service which has made activating YouTube TV simple. 

Step One – Visit the App Store and search for YouTube then click install. 

Step Two – Once the app is installed, click sign-in and enter your account details. It is when the code will appear which you will then need to enter on Once you have clicked next, YouTube is then activated on your Apple TV. 

How To Activate YouTube on Amazon Fire TV

To activate YouTube on Amazon Fire TV, you need to install the app. Once the app is installed, you will need to sign in with a web browser to activate YouTube on your Amazon Fire TV. 

Step One – To open YouTube, you will need to open up the Google Play Store from the home menu. 

Step Two – Once you have opened YouTube on the apps. Click download. 

Step Three – You can then open the app once downloaded. Once you have opened the app, you need to click sign-in with a web browser. A code will then appear on your screen that you will need to

Step Four – Once you have clicked next once entered, you need to use the Firestick again. You will then be able to see the YouTube app from here on. 

How To Activate YouTube On LG Smart TV

Using LG TV is different to how you would use Android TV. 

How To Install YouTube On LG Smart TV

Step One – When you are on the home screen of your LG smart TV, you will need to open the LG Content Store. 

Step Two – Once you are on this screen you will need to click on the Apps category. From here, locate the YouTube app and select it. Then click download. 

Step Three – Once you have installed the app, open the app up. Click login and enter your account details. The code will then appear on your screen.  

Step Four – Enter the code that appears on your screen on then click next. YouTube will then be activated on the television. 

How To Activate Samsung Smart TV

On a Samsung Smart TV, all the hard work is done for you. The app is already installed. 

Step One – On Your Samsung TV, open up the YouTube app. 

Step Two – Once YouTube has opened, click sign-in and enter your account details. A code will then appear on your screen. 

Step Three – Open up on either your mobile or your computer. Insert the code that has appeared on your Samsung Smart TV. Once you click next, your Samsung Smart TV will have YouTube TV. 

Why You Should Use YouTube TV

Since its release, YouTube TV has been an application which many people have used to watch their favourite TV shows. However, it isn’t for everyone. If you are someone who doesn’t watch live television shows or sporting events or have a cable for terrestrial TV. YouTube television is something you won’t need. 

If you can’t get live television, we advise you to download YouTube TV. Here, you will be able to watch your favourite TV shows live. Furthermore, if you like to store a lot of shows on DVR, YouTube TV is much better than cable or satellite services. 


There are many television services out there which you have to pay extortionate prices for however, YouTube TV seems to be a common option for many people now. It has most television channels that you wish to watch as well. Not to mention you can watch YouTube videos on the big screen. That could be anything such as previous boxing fights, How-To tutorials, or POV of rollercoasters, or even videos of Crypto recovery. YouTube has a video for every audience. That is why so many people watch YouTube TV.