Free Youtube Downloader For Chrome In Online

We all love to see the videos online. Youtube always serves as the one fixed destination point for all video and audio watchers. Youtube has a vast collection of videos, but most of the videos you can not download from the internet. Youtube has the largest platform for uploading videos and online streaming videos.

But whenever we are talking about downloading any videos from youtube, the first quarry which comes to our mind is, is it legal? Then come other questions.

If it is legal, then how can the downloading be possible smoothly? The most important is if you are interested in downloading the full playlist from Youtube. Then, first, load an entire playlist that is present on the youtube account. Then when you try to download it. The youtube policy does not let you do this. Then the odownloader or any other free downloader from chrome will help you to solve these problems.

Like Odownloader softwares, there are many softwares, which can help you download an entire song or music track. Then convert it into MP4. This type of softwares will help you to store the desired music track on your phone. This flexibility can help you to hear, especially when you are not connected to the Internet.

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Free Top five Youtube Downloader For Chrome

The free downloaders are the top five best options for the people who want to see the video and the audios for free. Here is a small list of the software that is free and runs on the chrome platforms.


iTube Go is one of the most popular downloaders for chrome. This is a free extension and supported by many platforms. You only need to do is just download the extension then enjoy the ultimate downloading of the audio and video of youtube.

This free extension will Convert Youtube To mp3 audio and video to MP3 and MP4. These MP3 and MP4 can be used as the storing medium. These mediums can be seen when your cellphone is out of internet coverage and wifi. You can download the audio and videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and daily motion.

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Addoncrop is a free online extension that will allow you to download the video and audio from using different platforms. This extension is all free. This extension will enable users to download high-quality youtube videos.

The video downloading is almost effortless; even you don’t need to download any links. You only have to visit the Addoncrop server, then search down the desired video or the audio by name, and then download the audio just as simple as it is. This platform will let you access almost one-click facility.

Video Downloader PLUS

Video downloader plus is another extension that will help you to download the video and the audios. The video downloader plus will give you that much flexibility that the viewers can download the audio and the videos without almost no interference.

The easy to handle server and the video downloader plus is promising about the advertisement-free views. And they keep the promise. You can download the audio and the video with just the use of a small single swipe. You can download from youtube, Facebook, daily motions, and other authentic sites.

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Odownloader is the one popular website that helps you to convert the whole video and the audio to the MP4 or MP3 formats. The major browsers are working with the odownloader. This free service is quite faster than any other extensions. The converter will help to store the videos in HD quality.

The downloading and conversion of the video and audio do not harm the quality of the picture. Odownloader has another feature to add. You can cut the video and the audio through this extension. All you need to do is just visit the website of the odownloader. Then copy-paste the desired URL in the search bar then find the desired video. Last you have to choose the video or audio type according to the format the download will begin.


The VDP is one relatively new video downloader. Best work on the chrome platform. It has effortless and faster downloading options for the videos and the audios. This is not only any new server. It is also the most popular server for downloading audio and videos. This platform allows the viewers to download the videos and the audios in different formats in the safest way.

This website is providing you with an advertisement-free and virus-free HD quality video download. This free extension will support almost every format. This means you can download the videos and the audios in different formats that the viewers frequently use. The most attractive part of the VDP downloader is it is free software. The download only needs very few clicks. And then enjoy the videos with different formats, and the videos are entirely advertisements free.

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These all free youtube downloaders are providing their services for almost every format and platform. The extensions of the servers are quite robust when you are accessing any videos. The browser extensions are entirely authentic, which helps you to see the full track without any advertisements. These user-friendly extensions are quite useful when you want to enjoy the video or the audio without getting connected with the wifi and cellphone data.

Now, you can enjoy the video without investing in your data.