Haircuts for Women with Oval Faces

You know you have been blessed with a versatile face shape if you have an oval face structure. You really are a beautiful thing with your curved chin, striking jawline, and a wide forehead. Believe it or not, your face shape is considered ideal by many experts and beauticians. So cheers to you for rocking any outfit or hairstyle your heart desires!

Haircuts are definitely a super intimate affair that fit your personal style. Most women with round or square shapes, often opt for haircuts that gives them more of an oval face illusion which is something you shouldn’t be worrying about.

Having an oval face means you do not necessarily have to worry about the haircuts as almost any would look great on you. Now that you are at a liberty to get any hairstyle, why not experiment with different cuts that will flatter the face structure and give you a unique look. Sure, life is not about playing safe all the time.

Oval Face Trends Redefined

Proponents of oval face believe it is a golden child of all the face structures, topping the list of most versatile face types to go with any hairstyle. The uber-flattering cuts balance your face shape, adding softness to the face.

Yet, apart from the face shape, there is a lot to look for when getting your hair done. When you go for a haircut, make sure you get to know the complete details of a particular look you want, including the color, texture and length you opt for.

Having an oval face means experimenting with different colors that includes various highlights ranging from subtle to electrifying. You can straighten your hair or curl it up just to the amount needed for the perfect hairstyle you can carry.

15 Best Haircuts for Oval-Faced Women

For all the oval faced goddesses out there, embrace yourself as we bring you some of the top-notch haircuts for all occasions.

#1. Classic Layers

A chestnut hairstyle goes perfect with an oval face as it softens your jawline, complimenting every feature of your face. This haircut is more of a formal type and will give you royalty feels when styled with some good curls. To give it a funkier look, go for little waves in it. Add some cool highlights this haircut and you can easily rule the world!

#2. Pixie Haircut

A pixie cut goes great with an oval face woman of all ages. This boyish-yet-feminine style is sophisticated, cute, sexy and super chic! This cut works wonders if you add some side swept bangs to give it a bit more flavor. This hairstyle compliments every feature of yours as it is short and showcases your neckline and highlights other facial features. So, if you want to showcase that collarbone of yours looking chic and trendy, go for a pixie look.

#3. Flippy Lobs

If you are someone who wants a blunt cut which is one length, you can go for flippy lobs. The bouncy look cool. These lobs would look perfect with some highlights on – totally complimenting the face cut. These flippy lobs give an edgy yet fun look and can be opted for any event. Put on your stunning shades and feel like a diva in this haircut.

#4. Long Waves

One of the most popular haircuts of all times is long cool waves with just a tad bit of highlights. If you want more volume, add layers to your waves. The long waves with center part suits an oval face at any time of the day, and often add to softness by giving you a child-like look! So, when in doubt, just add some extra waves and flaunt your hair flawlessly.

#5. Beachy Curls

Another most common haircut you can go for is the beachy curls, adding a smooth honey gold color. This will give you a more playful look like Blake Lively or Beyonce – and is most appropriate for some extra fun events. To make it even more interesting, dye it with some trendy colors like electric blue. These curls must be your latest hair goals. You can simply blow-dry your hair and you’re ready to go.

#6. Piecey Lobs

Full blonde piecey lobs with some highlights go perfectly with an oval chin and stretched jawline. So, if you want some of your features like your jawline and cheekbones to become prominent, go for a piecey lob look. Piecey lobs are one of those haircuts that can never go out of style as it gives you a more natural yet elegant look in so many ways. You can either pin it up or flaunt it open, both the looks are just great on an oval face.

#7. Platinum Buzz Haircut

Another haircut you can go for is platinum buzz cut. This haircut is more daring than usual and is not for fainthearted, but it sure brings out your natural face shape and goes with your perfect jawline and chin. Similar to the pixie, this cut compliments your collarbone along with all your features. From Kristen Stewart to Cara Delevingne, many Hollywood actresses are fearlessly addicted to this trendy bold haircut. Be sure before opting for it as you won’t be able to make any other hairstyles out of it for some time.

#8. Classic Bobs with Side Swept Bangs

One of the most popular haircuts is the classic bobs with side swept bangs to give you more of a chic look anytime, anywhere. This cut looks great on oval faces as the length of a bob gives your face a subtler yet intense look for all occasions. Here, choosing a side to trim your front layers into bangs often accentuate your jawline.

#9. Classic Bobs with Fringes

You can even go for classic bobs with fringes spread on the forehead for some extra chic and sexy look. These fringes add some spice into an-oh-so-normal classic bob and make you look more like a diva at all times!

#10. Inverted bobs with fringes/ bangs

To improvise your bobs with fringes/ bangs, you can add a twist to it and go for inverted bob with long edges to make it look funkier yet sexy. This is one of the common haircuts current trend, with bangs framing a side of your face. Make sure you straighten your hair well enough to get the perfect look from this hairstyle.

#11. Asymmetrical Lobs

Another perfect haircut for oval faces is asymmetrical lobs which become fancier with appropriate lengths and colors. This asymmetrical lob haircut can be fun yet elegant, depending on how you carry it. If you have straight hair, no need to add texture to them. The haircut looks great if you have smooth locks.

#12. Versatile Shag

The versatile shag is for all face types but works best with oval faces as you can go ahead with a side swept flow or some fringes and cute curls. You can also get a versatile shag with fringes swept all the way to the forehead or it can be carried effortlessly with hair parting on two sides. Both the styles look classic yet chic!

#13. Shoulder Length Waves

Shoulder length waves go best with some bangs on the side. This look gives your face more of a sophisticated look and compliments the jawline, making you look more elegant. The shoulder length waves can be used to make many hairstyles; you can just leave it open or pin it up in a ponytail. To give it classier yet natural, you can even make a bun with few strands of hair left out, which is a very old school look.

#14. Long Cut with Bangs

When in doubt, get some bangs with long and straight hair and you’ll look perfect. The long straight hair can either be straightened or you can apply light waves to make it look trendier, as per the event. Long cuts are one of the most common haircuts that look great on all face shapes but it enhances the facial features of an oval face, giving your face a more natural look.

#15. Pompadour

You can be a bit more daring yet stylish and go for a highlighted pompadour, giving you a trendier look. This haircut consists of more edgy bangs in the front and a bob look at the back. It highlights all the facial features and well as your collarbone and gives you a funkier look so if you have a quirkier or edgy personality you can easily get away with this haircut. It is similar to platinum buzz but is more recent so if you want to give a twist to the platinum buzz haircut, go for a pompadour.

If you want more inspiration, turn up to celebrities for a more flattering look, since deciding a signature cut can be overwhelming (also difficult). No matter which haircut you choose, it is the simplicity of the cut that matters. Whether you want a minimal or an edgy look, consult your stylist.

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