Gifts Your Mother

For all the hard work and thought our mothers put, she deserves to be cherished and feel extra loved on her very own special day. She needs to feel acknowledged, and nothing says that as beautifully as thoughtful gifts.

Hence, for showing gratitude to that one constant pillar of support and sanity in chaos, here is a list of 9 meaningful birthday gifts for your mother on her upcoming birthday which she truly deserves to be pampered with. Take the guide:

French Perfume

Nothing says luxury like a subtle, feminine scent of carefully created French perfumes, and hence that is where we start the list. Go for a scent you know suits her taste, and surprise her with this spoiling little gift.

Spa Vouchers

For all the lifestyle stress she takes to keep the life at home in order, she deserves a day of relaxing. Come to think of it then, what can be better than spa therapy, to brighten up that smile and wane the worries you inevitably give her at times.


Take her out on a shopping spree, to all her favorite places. It serves best to two of the most important things, addressing her complaints against you for not spending much time with her and the opportunity to pamper  the shopaholic in her.

Favourite Movie Night

You can set the environment of a movie hall at home for her this birthday. Bring some popcorns, comfy cushions and mobile projector. Finally, dim the lights and put on a movie she has a lot of memories attached with and enjoy her going back to happy memories and providing excited anecdotes.

Home Cooked Gourmet

With moms, we get too used to the idea of her cooking as an everyday event. Make a change this birthday and take charge of cooking her a proper gourmet dinner at home, the best you can. Add to that, a promise to help her a little more with cooking when you can because she doesn’t deserve all that slogging alone.

Plants & Pets

Depending on whether your mom is a plant or an animal lover, you can go for a cute little potted plant for her room or instead, get her a pet. If she’s a fan of both, well then you’ve got a hard choice to make.

Relaxing Basket

An interesting thing you can do for her this birthday is gift her a basket full of little things which can help her relax whenever she’s stressed throughout her routine. Fill it with aromatic candles, chamomile tea bags, natural face and eye masks, essential oils and all the little things you can think of that will help your mother relax on a long day.

Cashmere Scarves

You cannot go wrong with a statement piece that is, a Cashmere scarf. It is a perfect and never out of fashion addition to her closet which will also remind her of you every time she will put it on. Go for chic pastel shades that will suit all her attires.

The Birthday Cake

Last but not the least, no birthday is ever complete without the cake. So, you have to find a birthday cake for mom that fits both her taste buds and your birthday message for her. Surprise her with a sweet treat at the eve of her birthday.

With these birthday gift ideas for mom, fill her with love and warmth and give her a memory to be cherished forever.