After so many years of isolation and hiding behind the iron curtain this magnificent historical paradise opened its horizons to the curious foreigners. Unjustifiably in the shade of somewhat more famous capital city of Warsaw, Krakow is proving to be the cornerstone of Eastern Europe’s tourist attractions. Everyone hoping to see the legacy of glorious and turbulent past of Europe should bring at least couple of memory cards for their camera since the landmarks in Krakow are so wast you will need a dozen of them! The splendid old town, temples, museums, theatres, and palaces unique in history and art form are what is going to change the look on Poland forever. Get ready to meet Krakow’s charm and fall in love with all the attractions it brings with your vacation here.

It should not come as a surprise to you that among all attractive cities of Eastern Europe most bachelors chose this place for Krakow stag do weekend. Stunning in architectural appearance this city is also a thriving party hub that simply never cease to amaze. With more pubs and bars per square meter than any other place in Europe, it proves to be a perfect opportunity to have endless drinking adventures with your pals. Daytime should start with sightseeing. Nearly everyone who arrives in this ancient place in southern Poland starts their journey from the city center. Located in the part of the city known as the “Old Town”, this part of the city is under UNESCO protection as an International heritage site, something that few places in the whole world can be proud of. The symbol of Krakow’s Old Town is undoubtedly the legendary Market square.  It was founded in the Middle Ages and never stopped to grow ever since. This is also the largest square in Europe! Rynek Glowny dominates the enchanting Old Town of Krakow with its elegant historical houses, majestic palaces, and Gothic churches. Truly a breathtaking site that will make you spin your head as you try to comprehend the magnifying beauty of its picturesque ornaments. We suggest having a seat at one of the nearby cafes just to admire this beauty which will prove to be one of the most relaxing experiences of your life. The square is 200 meters long and covered in Baroque art ornaments and artwork that adorns its walls. On the one side of the square is beautiful Adalbert church dating the end of the 11th century. And, on the other side lies Krakow’s town hall rebuilt from the ruins of the Old town hall destroyed 600 years ago.

Other great daytime activities consist of Paintball and Airsoft matches, Go-karting and Quad-biking in great natural surrounding and many other adrenaline-fueled activities to fuel your bachelor hype! There are numerous drinking tours and visits to breweries as well as river cruises. No matter how you plan to organize your daytime it is going to be an amazing remedy for your hangover from the night before and a great opportunity to plan that unforgettable night. What better way to start that bachelor fire on your Krakow stag do adventure than in the style most of us only dream of. Imagine renting that luxurious limo with personal sexy butlers that will serve you drinks as you arrive at one of Eastern Europes most provocative clubs. Krakow is becoming one of Europes hottest destinations for a week-long party euphoria. Electro-dance avenues and live rock n roll acts are blooming one on top of another in an unprecedented way.

This is a city of students and millions of partygoers who flock into this city every weekend in hope of finding that best possible fun. Therefore, reserving your VIP passes for one of those vibrant clubs can be one of the wisest things to do. And how about those beautiful Polish girls that are ready to make you company until early morning hours? They are witty in nature and very interested in tourists coming from distant cultures than their own, so make sure you make the best company for them because they will certainly try to make best one for you!

Every experienced traveler knows that eating is an essential part of learning about a new culture! Krakow’s restaurants are filled with options to blend in Polish body and soul that is their rich cuisine. Nearly all restaurants will welcome you with their huge variety of different national dishes. Do not forget to try that internationally famous Pierogi but only homemade and with a cute Polish flag on top! Krakow is well prepared for all these options, no matter what kind of dish are you looking for. You can be sure to find plenty of local handmade products that will make for perfect souvenirs all over the place. As for the shopping spree, this city will prove excellent since Poland is not among the wealthiest nations in EU and most of the prices are fairly cheap to most visitors. For all what is worth your visit to this stunning ancient city will be a life-changing experience and one of the adventures, you will be telling your grandchildren about one day about…