find email address

Let’s say you want to get in touch with some person to discuss your business. However, you faced the problem – you can’t do it personally because of one simple reason: you can’t find his or her email address.

What you have to do in this case?

You ask yourself why my potential client hides his private email? Where I can find it without consuming my time?

These questions are familiar to me because I know the whole process inside out.There is no need to do this futile work anymore. I want you to save your time and listen to my pieces of advice.

In this guide I am going to reveal to you the following aspects of finding anyone’s personal email address as:

  • How to find your relevant audience
  • Ways of prospecting personal data
  • Manual way of search
  • Email search helpers

By the end of this article, you will be able to get almost any email address you need.

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#1. How to Find Your Relevant Audienc

It goes without saying that the only way to find relevant audience is via Google search. However, it is more convenient doing that with Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. Everything you need is your competitor’s material . Here is a short description of how to do that in a few steps:

Take into consideration a competitor’s article. For instance, this one and put it within a search bar:

explorer ahrefs

After clicking ‘explore’ tab this tool provides us with all backlinks linking to the article. As you can see it is 1.01K links:

backlinks ahrefs

Don’t be afraid of such a huge amount of backlinks (it could be even more).  I prefer to choose a link type ‘dofollow’ and English language (you can do the same as well):

dofollow nofollow ahrefs

language ahrefs

But if it is still too many links and you prefer to get the freshest material, thus choose the date of publishing the material:

new backlinks ahrefs

Afterward, you will have to check manually all the websites that Site Explorer suggests and do a prospecting work.

#2. Ways of Prospecting Personal Data

I must admit that there are only two ways of prospecting personal data of the people – manually and by using extra tools. Manual methods involve discovering social media platforms where the users may point out their private email addresses. This process is very time-consuming and sometimes it gives a zero result.

Using extra-tools tends to speed up your work and the average percentage of a successful rate of the results is 85%. I use both methods in my work and I want to underline that simultaneous using of both methods gives me 90% of positive results.

You might ask me: Perhaps it would be better to use only special services in hunting for emails? It is time-saving

You are right in some way. Nevertheless, my experience shows that combining manual search with extra-tools works for best results.

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#3. Manual Way of Search

As you already guessed, here I want to explain you the right steps on prospecting emails via social media platforms. This method has one huge negative aspect – it takes lots of your time. And now let’s see an example on how to do that and what obstacles you might face during the prospecting.

 Well, here we have a link to an article written by my potential ‘client’:

client content

The first thing that you should do is to check out whether this source page contains a full data on the author. Generally, this information could be found in the section “about the author” (or similar) right beneath the article. However, in this very case we can find it clicking on the author’s name:

person author page

We can see that the author included in his additional info his Twitter and Google accounts. Let’s see what Twitter shows:

twitter page

Skip to the website pointed out in his Twitter account and continue to search his email address. Here we can see more social media platforms’ accounts that are linking to this person:

social media icons

I usually check all social media accounts until I find the email address. But here it is enough to click on LinkedIn icon and scroll down to see what the additional info this man suggests:

additonal page

Voila, we’ve got his work email address. Anyway, if you are still confused whether this email is incorrect or still “in-demand”, you can check it out by using your Gmail account. In this very case the only thing you will have to do is to see whether Gmail identifies his avatar. Pass the mouse over the email address and you will see person’s face. That’s enough to be sure that the email address is right and working:

compose mail

As I have already mentioned above – this method is very time-consuming and sometimes it gives you nothing in return. Anyway, nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

ADVICE: You should be patient and don’t neglect of wasting your time.

#4. Email Search Helpers

85% of success rate is good, isn’t it? Yes, and it is possible to gain using additional tools online. In this section of my article, I am going to present you all services I use in my email hunting.

So when I am unable to find email address via social media platforms, the first resource I use is Here you need to know person’s personal website or a site of a company where this person basically works. Let’s see how it works:

email hunter

I put website’s address into search bar and click ‘search’. What we have? Yes, an email address of the person I need. By the way, this service shows us an indicator of email’s confidence score. Here it shows only 5% of correctness of the address. Despite the fact, again check it out via sending a message to your Gmail account. It shows me an avatar with the person’s face. It means that even with 5% of confidence score we might get a positive result:

compose mail new

However, there are cases seem to happen when this service gives me a zero result. What’s next? I prefer to use service. Here we can put to the search name of the person and domain address relative to him. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons this tool doesn’t work for now. I hope it will be fixed in a short time.

Are you upset of this news? Well, I was too until I have found a few new tricks for my email outreach campaign:)

The first one is The service is pretty easy in use and it requires only person’s name and website’s domain. Let’s see how it works:

list email finder

Very convenient and, again, it shows whether the email address is correct in percentage terms. Voila, I’ve got the email I need.

Sometimes even Norbert doesn’t want to give me the email I need. In such cases, I tend to search using This service suggests all people who have the same name. If you know how the person looks like, thus there won’t be any problems in finding him. Rocketreach provides with the data you need – social media platforms’ accounts and email addresses (yes, it gives all emails that it is able to find). Let’s see:

website informer

Also, it is good to work with such tool as This service provides with the information about website you need. It shows the owner of the website and all possible emails that are related to it. Let’s see:

website informer2

When you click on “see owner’s and associated emails”, you will get what you need:

website informer chart

You can use such website informer tools as, and the other related to. I use them sometimes but they give bad results.

Taking all into account, this method of search is very helpful and powerful. Nevertheless, I urge you to search for emails manually because these tools are not for free. You have some credits at the beginning of your work with the tools but afterwards you will be blocked to do your research.

ADVICE: I strongly recommend you to use these tools when you will be unable to do prospecting manually.