Those with children know that parenting is a full-time job. Much like those Nyquil commercials from a few years ago, we all know that Moms and Dads don’t take sick days. There is no PTO when it comes to being a parent.

Add that on top of your actual full-time job (the one with a salary and less baby vomit but roughly the same amount of pointless arguing), and you can see why many people turn to hire a nanny to help with the rugrats at home.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a nanny, we’ve got some fantastic reasons to help you make that final decision.

Child-free Work Hours

While most people want to be able to leave their work at the office, that can be tough for plenty of working parents. Plus, more and more people are working from home which means you may be juggling a conference call with one hand while trying to break up a fight with the other.

Having a nanny means you can work child-free for a few hours or even the entire day. You don’t have to worry about your kids destroying your living room or poking someone else’s eye out if your nanny has got two eyes on them the whole time.

They May Have Unique Skills

Every parent wants their child to succeed in whatever they love. But what if your child is a future Eric Clapton and you can’t name a guitar chord to save your life?

Bringing in a nanny who has unique skills is a way to expose your child to different things in life. They may be a great artist, speak a different language, or be a former athlete. While those aren’t skills necessary to work with children, they certainly are nice little additions.

A Helping Hand Around the House

While it’s natural to think that nannies will only be watching your children, the truth is many nannies take on other responsibilities around the house.

They can take care of laundry, help with meals, clean up around the house a little, or make lunches for the school day. It definitely takes a bit of pressure off you and helps you focus on yourself or other responsibilities.

A Helping Hand Out of the House

Not only can nannies help with household chores, but they can help you with things that occur outside of the house.

Some days, you may feel like an Uber driver, going from tennis practice to violin practice to a school play and then back home. Having a nanny is ideal for shuttling your children around to all those extra activities and cutting back on you driving all over town.

Flexible Payments

If you’ve ever started looking at daycare prices, then it’s normal that your eyes jumped out of your skull for a few seconds. Reports say that the average daycare cost is around $1000 per month. You may still have to pay that even if your child is staying at home or you go on vacation.

When it comes to nannies, they can be a bit more flexible with your payments. Since the majority of nannies are paid by the hour, you won’t have to worry about paying for your nanny if they’re not working.

Speaking of payment, don’t forget about nanny taxes and reporting everything to the IRS. You don’t want to get in trouble!

On-Call Babysitter

While you may not be able to call up your nanny in the middle of the night and demand they come over, it’s always good to know you have a babysitter on hand in case you want to head out for date night or just get some time alone.

If you ever are in a pinch and need to get out, you can easily call up your nanny to come and take care of your children.

Add a New Family Member

While there’s no such thing as replacing mom or dad, having a nanny come into your household is like adding another member of your family.

It’s seamless if your nanny gets along well with you and everyone else in your family, becoming another person your children look up to and interact with. Even though they may not stay around forever, it’s great having someone you rely on.