Most people associate e-learning with academics, but digitally enabled learning is quickly becoming the new standard in business settings as well. The right learning management system provides an effective and convenient option for training new employees and for keeping your staff apprised of procedure, policy, and strategy updates. If you want to reduce downtime and boost productivity in your workplace, e-learning is worth pursuing. Here are six reasons why.

Standardized Learning Keeps Your Team on the Same Page

Even the best trainers are going to have off days, and in-house instructional courses are naturally going to differ on a case-by-case basis. An online training platform ensures that everyone is on the same page. As you might imagine, this reduces errors, improves teamwork, and boosts morale.

Dissatisfaction with coworkers is a common cause of employee turnover, and experts believe it costs more than twice an employee’s salary to seek out and train a replacement, according to The Wall Street Journal. Reduce spending and boost profitability with online training modules.

E-Learning Makes Training Materials Accessible

Even the best employees may not always absorb 100 percent of the information given to them. In order to truly master a concept, a person should return to the training materials multiple times for review. Of course, it’s not always realistic or efficient for your staff to sit through multiple in-house training sessions, and that’s where e-learning comes in. A good cloud-based LMS will facilitate easy access from anywhere and at any time.

Reduce Wasted Time

In today’s fast-paced work environments, every second counts. Everyone runs on different schedules, and stopping everyone for even a brief training session isn’t an ideal situation. Give your employees an open window to access the learning management system – 24 hours is a reasonable starting point – and let them continue their day’s work unimpeded.

This independent training strategy improves workflow and keeps your employees focused. As an added advantage, many learning management systems, Romy LMS for example, include testing features so you can make sure everyone completed and comprehended the course.

Encourage Your Team Members to Work Together

When everyone has access to the same information, your staff can work together as one cohesive unit. It doesn’t make sense to have employees come to upper management for every minor question. An e-learning course can be used as a resource for employees to reference, and additionally, educated employees can help their fellow teammates to succeed. Implement a free learning management system to empower your staff to empower each other.

Target Specific Employee Strengths and Weaknesses

Each employee is naturally going to have unique skills and shortcomings. It’s not always comfortable or even beneficial to confront a problem verbally, and providing a customized e-learning solution is an excellent way to help a struggling employee to improve without risking hard feelings or conflict.

You can also provide a training platform specifically for employees who are excelling and ready for more responsibility. Seek out an LMS that makes tweaking your courses fast and easy, and you’ll be a much more effective leader.

Streamline Company Meetings

Workplace discussions become much more productive when everyone has a specific set of informational materials to reference. Before an important meeting, simply provide your staff with an online learning module that covers the basics, and then elaborate on that material during the meeting.

This is especially useful in a large business setting where everyone may not be kept in the loop otherwise. Passing a simple course before gathering for discussion ensures that everyone sitting in the room has the potential to be proactive, and it gives each person time to consider talking points that will bring value to the meeting.