Essential Tips to Choose the Best Outdoor Paving Tiles

Modern homeowners are looking forward to revitalising their dull garden areas into warm, welcoming spaces. The outdoors of your home are great spaces for relaxation and spending quality time with friends and family. You can achieve this revival by using the right outdoor paving tiles. You may completely transform the look of your patio using the right tiles.

But there are so many outdoor tiles available in the market, both human-made and natural, that you may get perplexed. The dizzying array of materials, styles, colours, and textures can baffle you, and you may end up making the wrong choice. Choosing a faulty outdoor tile is not only a waste of money but also affects your property’s resale value. 

So, here are a few useful tips that can help you select the best outdoor tiles:

Choose as Per Climate

Natural stones like marble, slate, and travertine are ideal outdoor installation choices because of their durability and beauty. Human-made tiles like terracotta are also popular due to their rich red, orange, and brown shades. However, they are more suitable for warmer temperatures, because they are porous and water absorbent. Freeze-thaw cycles in some parts of the world can weaken both terracotta and stone tiles, leading to cracks.

Therefore, consider the climate, topography, and seasonal weather patterns in your area while choosing your outdoor tiles. Porcelain is a material with low porosity, durable, and can strike a perfect balance between elegance and beauty. It is resistant to frost due to its low absorbency property, and it does not crack or splinter like a stone. Its low porous nature also keeps lichen, moss, rot, and algae away from your outdoor surfaces.

If you live in a place with a hot climate, then also porcelain wins the race. While natural stone tiles may lose their colour when exposed to sunlight, porcelain is resistant to UV rays and retains its tones even after prolonged exposure. A patio made with porcelain paving tiles makes a perfectly chilled out zone in your house, which you can use to host barbeques and gatherings for your friends.

Ensure Slip Resistance 

Slips and falls are the primary cause of accidents in homes, and they often result from slippery surfaces. While looking for durable and beautiful tiles for your house exteriors, give due attention to the slippage factor as well, especially if you live in an area with misty, humid, or rainy climate.

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Natural stones like marble and travertine can get dangerously slippery under wet conditions. Porcelain and ceramic have similar issues. However, some of these tiles can be modified or treated to increase their slip resistance. Talk with an expert for such treatments and know your options.

Carefully Choose the Colour

Most people give utmost attention to the colour of their furniture, walls, and tiles inside the house, but they seldom give attention to their outdoors’ colour. While you are choosing your outdoor tiles, the general rule of thumb is to use light coloured tiles on dark areas and dark coloured tiles on brightly lit areas.

The key is to choose a type of tile that matches with the look of your entire home. For instance, rustic tiles on the outdoors will not look good on a modern and sleek home design. You have to choose something that can complement your house’s style rather than detracting from it.

Decide Where and How You Will  Install the Tiles

While outdoor tiles are useful in withstanding elements, not all of them are built the same. Some tile materials are strong and sturdy, while others are prone to cracks, damage, and scratches. Think about the place where you are going to install the tiles before making your final choice.

Also consider how you will use the tiles, whether you want to install them on the walls or the flooring. Your answer may significantly affect the tile you choose for your outdoor paving. Some outdoor tiles are better for walls, while others are good for the ground. So, select the right tile as per your project.

Decide Your Budget

The amount that you can spend on the tiles has a significant impact on your final selection. So, fix a maximum budget and stick to it while making your choice. Don’t settle for low prices, as too cheap may be low in quality. Also, make sure that the dealer is not extracting unnecessary money from you. Compare the rates of a few suppliers and see which one offers the best rates without compromising quality.

So, these are some tips you must use while selecting the best outdoor paving tiles. Some of the best options include marble, travertine, porcelain, limestone, granite, slate, and natural stone. The final choice depends on your budget, climate, purpose, and aesthetics.