Essential Details About Commercial Locksmiths In Melbourne You Need To Know

Commercial locksmiths in Melbourne are essential to any neighbourhood. No matter how we take good care of our keys, we still lose them. Well, it could be a good combination of carelessness and fate. At one point, you are just bound to lose them. Thankfully, there are locksmiths around to help us out.

What do these locksmiths do? What are the services that they offer? How are we able to benefit from them? These are some of the answers we intend to answer in this article. Here, we take a deep dive into the locksmith industry and understand their implications and benefits to everyone.

Locksmithing 101 

We break it down into the following: 

– Definition of a commercial locksmith

– Roles of a commercial locksmith

– What they contribute and do for different business establishments

Now, let’s get started knowing more about details about commercial locksmiths.

What is a commercial locksmith? 

Locksmiths focusing on commercial work are experts who mainly focus on providing locksmithing services to different businesses, establishments, and industrial properties. Regardless of the business size, they can deliver varying solutions mainly focusing on locks and their upgrades.

Their skills are constantly harnessed through various seminars and training sessions to keep up with the times. From changing locks, their expertise now includes installation of alarm/surveillance systems and servicing of electronic and digital locks, master key systems, and different access control systems. 

What are the roles of a commercial locksmith? 

These are just some of the roles that these types of locksmiths can do for you and your business:

– Business security installation

– Periodic maintenance of security system

– Provide best recommendations for advanced business security system

– Understand commercial and industrial security standards 

– New lock installation

– Lock and key repair and maintenance

– Lock replacement or rekeying

– Replacement or having additional keys

– Various security upgrades (it is their duty to be on top of all innovations and other updates on security systems)

– Lockout response (yes, people also get locked out of offices and other business establishments)

– Installation of industrial or business-grade safe (also covers repair and unlocking)

– Digital lock installation and servicing

What do they contribute to businesses? 

These professionals go hand in hand with the extensive retail fit-out. After having all the necessary construction work done, locks and other security devices have to be installed next. You see, locksmiths can do so much for your business. As mentioned, their services transcend the simple and mundane task of unlocking doors. 

Here are some of what they can do for any business establishments/entities:

Intruder protection 

Of course, this is perhaps the most obvious. Through their expertise, locks and made more secure. Intruders are warded off and not granted entry to any parts of the property. Even better, most locks come with a state-of-the-art mechanism that makes them practically indestructible. Only an expert commercial locksmith can have this installed the right way.

Internal threat protection and security 

In connection with the first point, most offices have restricted areas. Only a selection of employees should be permitted to enter. In order to make this possible, locksmiths can only grant access to some company members. To beef up security, those without access can ask for temporary entry through advanced intercom systems in Melbourne (which commercial locksmiths also install).

On-services, anytime, any day 

The top locksmiths offer round-the-clock services. Most of the time they have dedicated professionals to provide assistance even during night operations. This is true for hospitals, clinics, and other 247 business operations. Such locksmiths will either be available on the phone to provide services or even be on-site if needed.

Extensive and comprehensive security technology 

Locking mechanisms evolve over time. As the need for a higher level of security increases, locksmiths have to be on top of every update and upgrade. Businesses deserve nothing but the best and most advanced system so it’s their role to provide them just that. 

Finding the best Commercial Locksmith

Finding the best locksmith can be quite challenging. While there are a lot offering the same services, we aren’t sure of their level of expertise and professionalism. Since commissioning the work of an expert in this field may be an added expense, we deserve nothing but the best service.

Here are some ways to help us find the right (and best), commercial locksmith, to work with:

24-service is always good 

As earlier mentioned, it is always an advantage to have a locksmith attend to our needs no matter what time of the day it is. Yes, most businesses operate during regular working hours. However, there are businesses that operate 247 or at least until late at night. Lock issues can’t be planned to happen only during normal business hours, can they? 


This is a classic way to find the best locksmith for the job. Ask your colleagues for any recommendations. Their positive experience with a certain locksmith may well translate to yours. Asking for recommendations also saves you time in researching and calling different locksmiths for inquiries. 

Multiple services offered 

It’s great to have a company specializing in just commercial locksmith roles. However, this means you need to contact other companies for your other locksmith concerns. Don’t you think it is much better to just have one company/professional to handle all of your needs? It’s great to have a company that can take care of every commercial concern all the way to helping you out with car lock issues. 

Positive online reviews 

Online reviews provide a good glimpse of how a locksmith company is like. The best commercial locksmiths in Melbourne are the ones with:

– Mostly positive and encouraging online reviews from past customers.

– Answered online complaints. They also reply, acknowledge, and offer solutions to even the negative comments left.

– Significant number of feedback left. Depending on which online review site, a good number of comments should be more than 20. Seeing some negative feedback humanizes these companies because no one is perfect. Even the best companies have their flaws. The most important consideration is the way they respond (if they do at all).