Social Media Companies In Melbourne Recount The History Of SocMed

Different social media companies in Melbourne are perhaps at their busiest at present. As more businesses see their potential to help, the demand for their services has increased over the years. Because of the surge in demand, it brought about a steady influx of teams of experts with expertise and impressive credentials under their belt. 

Over the years, several platforms have emerged. These paved the way for social media to be the powerful force that it is today. Now, wouldn’t it be interesting to know where everything started and what inspired other social media platforms to emerge? Continue reading as we take you back in time from social media’s infancy stage to being such an almighty entity- all in a span of less than 20 years.

Social Media History 

In lieu of this interesting development, it’s a good idea to know how it all came to be. Here, you will completely understand how this simple means of communication has turned out to be the world’s driving factor in almost all aspects- connection, networking, self-expression, and even business.

It is quite a nostalgic thing to think about how social media and its practitioners have come a long way. This is given the fact that social media has a humble beginning. From something used to communicate with an exclusive group of friends, it has now taken the world by storm. To a certain degree, it has even taken over traditional media such as TV and print. Astounding, isn’t it?

Social Media Platforms Over The Years

Here is the chronological presentation of social media history and its amazing progression., the first legitimate social media site 

This site became a big hit amongst a group of friends because it allowed them to use their profile photos. gained its popularity in the year 2000 because users were also able to send messages, post interesting stories or bulletin items. Because of its networking in orientation, friends of friends can also reconnect.

Blogging sites happened before the year 2000 

Ever heard of LiveJournal? This is just one of the very few blogging sites that made the rounds online before the year 2000. LiveJournal was created in 1999 and it encouraged different users to follow each other. 

Even better, the creation of groups and further interaction with each other was made possible. However, at this time, blogging served as an outlet more than anything else. Therefore, there’s still no need for any SEO services in Melbourne or any other similar strategies.


Many people are perhaps familiar or even have made their own Friendster account. This social media site emerged in the year 2002. Friendster’s first sign-ups were mostly Asians as it is a Malaysian-based platform. It had the same services and functionalities as but also included other features such as dating, events, and hobby discoveries among many others.

Unfortunately, Friendster finally closed down in 2015 for the lack of engagement from its users. The site wasn’t able to keep up with other social media platforms that have easily taken over it. After several attempts to make Friendster relevant and exciting, it just never managed to catch up.


Myspace is another popular social networking site. From its inception in 2003, it became a worldwide sensation. It offered a lot of customization functionalities enabling its users to totally express themselves in the most unique ways. Aside from changing their profile photos, users were able to embed music and video on their own pages. 


YouTube is the world’s most famous video-sharing platform. Everyone’s perhaps watching more YouTube than cable/satellite television either at home or in a store designed by a top commercial shopfitter while shopping. 

Well, YouTube’s creators back in 2005 probably didn’t have an inkling that it will be this big years later. Especially, that its first video upload was on the 23rd of April 2005 entitled Me at the zoo. This was the video posted by YouTube’s co-founder Jawed Karim. Years later, this 18-second clip has already garnered over 90 million views.


When it was created in 2006, Facebook only had the purpose of communicating with a bunch of college friends. After a couple of years, it actually killed all other smaller social media sites, Friendster included. Even after 15 years, Facebook is still the most visited social media site. 

Not only did Facebook (alongside other social media platforms) enable its users to reconnect and be updated but it also is used for the following:

  • Online business
  • Marketing, advertisement, and promotion
  • Fundraising and other philanthropic causes

– Political campaign and awareness

– Educational purposes (online classes or educational message boards)

– Portfolio for photography, paintings, and other interesting works of art


Twitter is perhaps one of the most utilized platforms by social media experts and everyone else. It was created in 2006 and has since been used by big companies, institutions, organizations, and celebrities. Through Twitter, these huge names became more accessible through constant updating, etc.

The mass has more access to their idols. They have the ability to directly communicate with them by following each other. Therefore, those and up-and-coming celebrities and other personalities set up their own Twitter accounts to gain more followers. 


Yes, this platform shook the entire social media world upon its inception in 2010. If other social media sites were mostly based on shared text, Instagram changed things by being focused on photos and videos. In 2021, Instagram will be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) social media sites in the entire world.

This powerful social media platform was created by Systom, Kevin, and Krieger, Mike. Both creators made Instagram available on all smart devices. It became so popular because it enabled users to edit uploaded content and organize different materials through the use of tags and various location information. 

Interestingly enough, Instagram had over 2 million users within a few months after its launch. Because of its incredible and undeniable potential, Facebook acquired Instagram from System and Krieger. As they say, the rest is history. Instagram just became bigger and bigger by the day after its acquisition.


If most of you think this was only created at the height of the pandemic with lockdowns happening left and right, you are wrong. The app was created even before the world changed in 2020. It was launched in 2016 by Douyin exclusively for the Chinese market. However, it was made available for the rest of the world through iOS and Android shortly after. 

This trend became popular because it enabled users to share short clips of themselves dancing, lip-syncing, voicing their opinions on important matters, and many more. Different antics were uploaded on this site which made it go viral easily. Many of the world’s viral stars attribute their success to a video they made and posted on the app.

In conclusion 

In just a span of 20 or so years, social media has ruled the world and it comes as no surprise. It provided connectivity and networking, bringing people closer which eventually made the world relatively smaller. On top of bringing the world together, social media also provided an avenue for business and profitability. Obviously, the combination of profitability and entertainment is a match made in heaven.

This is precisely why social media companies in Melbourne play an important role nowadays. These professionals know the right mix between business and pleasure. They are equipped with strategies and techniques to capture the buying impulses of everyone while being entertained with various forms of content.