Interesting Info About The Best Souvlaki In Melbourne

Have you ever had the chance to sample the best souvlaki in Melbourne? If you had the chance to, it probably seemed like having a bite of Greece without leaving home. Thankfully, Greek cuisine is making the rounds. More people are loving it, maybe, including you?

Whether the souvlaki and other Greek delights are your favourite or just to satisfy some level of curiosity, one thing is for sure- those dishes are delectable! It’s easy for people to instantly fall in love with Greek cuisine for a myriad of reasons. Something that Glen Waverley restaurants specializing in such dishes try hard to perfect.

Yes, Greek cuisine is making the rounds on social media and even the mainstream press. It’s great that it’s slowly gaining worldwide recognition for everything it uniquely represents- simplicity, flavour, and health benefits. However, it does share the spotlight with other cuisines that are just as awesome.

Wonderful cuisines of the world 

The world is teeming with wonders, including culinary marvels. Let’s discover the best cuisines in the world. Wonder if Greek cuisine is part of the list? We’ll see…

The USA 

The USA is part of the list primarily because of its food diversity. Their dishes incorporate various cultural influences from a colourful history. As such, every nation of the world has some sort of representation from the dishes they serve. Through their diverse culinary heritage and influence, Americans never fail to celebrate them.

From the South’s Apple Pie to Chicago’s deep-dish pizza, American cuisine is best described as a melting pot of all customs and traditions. Therefore, this cuisine stands high and mighty because it has with it a touch of the world. Italy, China, Japan, Thailand, nations of Africa are all represented.


Arriba! Yes, you’d scream this at the top of your lungs after sampling the best taco or quesadilla in one of the tiny taquerias spread across the country. Their dishes are robust and intense with a hint (or deluge) of spicy note to them. The use of herbs and spices makes it stand out.

Different flavourful components give life to Mexican cuisine. It becomes even better as their dishes remain untouched and unchanged for centuries. Therefore, every bite sends you off on a trip back to memory lane. It’s tasting what their forefathers loved hundreds of years ago.


From the West, we now head to the East. Thai cuisine is a bastion of influences but has managed to remain true to its national heritage. From their colourful and exciting street food choices to their fine dishes, Thai cuisine never fails to titillate everyone’s taste buds. Oh, let’s not even begin with the aroma of their dishes. It’s intoxicating.

Thai cuisine takes advantage of its natural resources. Therefore, you will never have a shortage of enjoying delectable fresh seafood dishes. There’s also a bountiful supply of meat dishes using herbs, coconut milk, fish sauce, and other ingredients authentic to the Southeast Asian region.


This time we head to the shores of Europe, particularly the Mediterranean (and the star of this article). Just like its more famous neighbours (France, Italy, and Spain), Greece is teeming with dishes that need to earn worldwide recognition. No worries, however, it’s slowly getting there.

More Greek restaurants and function rooms in Melbourne eastern open. As such, people are introduced to the dishes that represent the isles of Greece. One of the popular Greek specialties is the souvlaki. For those who aren’t aware, the souvlaki resembles the qualities of its more famous cousin, the kebab. However, there are various ways to enjoy it. 

The souvlaki may be considered Greece’s flag bearer. It carries with it a good amount of national pride bringing Greece to the forefront of the world’s culinary wonders. With its delectable taste, incomparable texture, and health benefits, the souvlaki is set to conquer everyone’s hearts.

Secrets to the best souvlaki in Melbourne 

Speaking of souvlaki, let’s put the spotlight on it, shall we? Since this dish is already gaining momentum, it’s a good idea to discuss its secrets. How is it made and what makes it the best? 

These are just some of the questions we dare give answers to. So, this is the time to get to know more details about this dish. Prepare to make it one of your favourites! Now, on to some of the secrets for perfect souvlaki…

Grilling good souvlaki is rather easy. However, there are important steps that you should bear in mind. 


It is best to soak the skewers in water so it doesn’t burn during the grilling process. Make sure to leave it soaking in water for 30 minutes before adding in the meat and other ingredients. This timeframe is enough to absorb as much liquid as making the skewers practically heat and fireproof.


Just like soaking the skewers, marinating your choice of meat is easy. It only needs a few basic ingredients: olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Some recipes also call for the use of dry white wine. Leave the pieces of meat soaking in this marinate for at least six hours. However, it is much better to leave them overnight.


The best souvlaki in Melbourne is one that’s tender, juicy, and moist. The overcooked and rubbery texture is definitely out of the question. Depending on the size of the meat, a good grilling time is around 3 minutes on each side. Remember, do not be tempted to over-flip the meat pieces, alright? Just leave it be for 3 minutes then turn to the other side.

Do this process until the meat is fully cooked. You would know by slicing through the piece of meat. This process holds true for dark meat. If the centre of the meat is no longer pink and raw, then you are on the right track. However, for chicken and seafood, you’d know if the centre is also smoking and steaming. This way, you’d know the heat successfully penetrated through to cook it entirely.