You can’t go wrong as an entrepreneur if you choose eBay as your selling platform due to its vast potential. This platform is home to numerous sellers and millions of users. And yet, you may find that generating your targeted sales figures on eBay is not simple. It requires a deep understanding of the platform and a proper eBay listing optimization strategy. 

Unlike a search engine such as Google that’s geared towards presenting information, eBay’s search algorithm Cassini is aligned towards providing satisfactory answers to transactional queries. So, it evaluates every product listing to examine its value for a related consumer search term. This means you’ll need a bespoke SEO strategy for your eBay listings. 

This blog will help you with just that! Read on to learn more about Cassini’s functioning and how you can make it work for your benefit to skyrocket your sales on the site.

How Does eBay’s Search Algorithm Cassini Work?

eBay has millions of products on its platform, and Cassini is its proprietary ranking algorithm. It is similar to Google’s search algorithm, yet also different. The similarity is that it produces results that closely match the keywords entered by a user in the search bar. The difference is that Cassini prefers products with the target keywords rather than all kinds of online assets, like Google’s algorithm. In this sense, it is similar to amazon’s A9 search algorithm. 

The things that Cassini looks for when selecting a listing to display on the search results page are:

  • The listing’s relevance to a buyer’s query
  • How well a listing’s description informs the buyer about a product
  • Does the listing match the intention of the buyer, such as instant sale or research about the product?

With these conditions in its checklist, Cassini looks at the listing’s various aspects like title, description, category, price, etc., to determine relevance. On the seller’s side, it looks at the seller’s reputation, sales rate, customer feedback/ratings, and other such factors. It combines these two types of evaluations and determines the rank of a product on its search results page. 

Tips To Optimize Your eBay Listings

Whether you decide to add your products’ listings to your store by yourself or take the help of an eBay listing service for it, you should optimize your listings to push their favorability with the Cassini algorithm and your customers up. The following tips are proven to give you results in that regard.

  • Know Your Business and Its Customers

What is the purpose behind your eBay store? What kind of products do you want to sell? Who is your target audience? What are their interests and shopping behaviors? How efficient are your operations and marketing? The answer to these questions will help you sculpt the right product catalog and listings that are capable of high ROI. Conduct internal audits of your business and market research to understand your customers’ details.

  • Choose The Format Of Your Listing

eBay offers you the choice of selling your product like a regular eCommerce sale or via auctions. With auctions, you get to set a lower than normal price for the product and let your customers bid for it over a period. The highest bid for it at the end wins. This helps you price your item below your competition that’s selling it via the regular route, making it favorable to the algorithm and customers alike. 

Or you can sell it directly via the Buy It Now option that sellers can click and buy an auctioned item immediately by paying a 30% higher price than the lowest bid amount. Either way, you win. 

  • Get Suitable Keywords

Conduct thorough keyword research and select those that are most relevant and valuable for each product. Go with both long tail and primary keywords and key phrases in your descriptions. The top listings of your product’s category are a good place to start the research. 

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  • Write Informative Titles and Descriptions

Your customers are introduced to your products via their respective titles. If the titles don’t match what the customer seeks, they will lose interest and forgo the purchase. If there aren’t the right keywords in your titles, then Cassini will lose interest in it. Thus, you must ensure accurate information and keyword insertion into your product titles. Note that eBay places an 80-character limit on it, so keep the length below that. The ideal is between 60 and 80. 

The same applies to descriptions. They must be informative, covering all aspects of a product. That information should be structured for clarity and convenience via bullet points for important attributes. Relevant keywords must be present in appropriate density. And it should follow all applicable rules/guidelines set by eBay. Maintain accuracy of pricing and shipping details, including returns policy. Your appointed eBay Product Entry services provider can help you with this process as they will always be aware of those rules. 

  • Add Appropriate and Appealing Images

Add accurate and multiple product images to your listing so that your customer has no questions about the looks of the product. The product should be presented from every angle in the photos. Enhance the images to help the product stand out using image editing services. Add infographics and videos to highlight product attributes and features, making them more appealing. 

In Conclusion

eBay may be just the platform you need to uplift your entrepreneurship due to its seller and customer support ecosystem. Creating your listings using proven tips will help you beat the competition. But, you would need to do some intense multitasking for it while ensuring utmost accuracy, which may be overwhelming. The better choice is to outsource eBay listings to a professional agency that can create Cassini-favoring ones for your eBay products. That will help your sales figures race ahead closer to your business goals. 


Growth on eBay is possible if you can grab your customers’ attention before your competition. That means having accurate, informative, and appealing product listings that boost your organic rankings. To achieve that, they should favor the site’s search algorithm, Cassini. This blog contains details of its functioning, aligned with some important tips you need to get the kind of listings that convert easily. It also touches upon how eBay Data Entry service providers can help create successful listings that can transform your business on the site forever.