Most Popular Anime of All Time

I am an avid supporter of the animation industry. Advising my pals on great television is one of my favorite pastimes.

These are essential viewing for any anime enthusiast. True anime fans have probably watched them all. The works here were selected because of the tremendous effect they have had on the anime community as a whole. These are all arbitrary picks, but I believe the majority of fans will agree with me. This compilation is ideal for anyone who has never seen any of these fascinating Japanese animations before. Millions of people all over the world enjoy watching these Anime seasons. They are highly recommended and frequently viewed by audiences worldwide.

What are the most popular anime series?

The most popular anime series are:

One-Punch Man

Superheroes are not to be taken seriously and take screenshots of it. Saitama is the weakest of the superheroes, but he acts the part for laughs anyhow. Many heated and often amusing battles ensue as he tries to turn pro, and his ability to knock out nearly anyone with a single punch is met with both skepticism and respect. 

The show’s success stems from its well-executed combination of comedy and action, as well as its high production value (due in part to its availability on Netflix and Toonami in the United States).

Sword Art Online

Even if you dislike the original works, you can’t deny that they remain among the best-selling light novels of all time, and the first season of the anime appears to have followed suit. Kirito and Asuna are two players who get stuck in a video game and have to work their way through a variety of challenges, including encounters with other players, monsters, and even some awkward love scenes. 

The fact that it divides opinion so strongly probably contributes to the fact that it has produced so many spin offs and sequels.

FullMetal Alchemist, the anime

FullMetal Alchemist follows two brothers as they attempt to bring their dead mother back to life. The first and most important rule of alchemy asserts that in order to get something of worth for manga apps, the alchemist must first give up something of equal or greater value. 

Due to this, one brother loses one arm, and the other loses both (his soul becomes bonded into a suit of armor). Within a short time, the brothers learn of the existence of the Philosopher’s Stone, a magical object that can reverse the effects of any alchemical process. To collect this stone, our heroes decide to go on a quest. As they go, they realize they are involved in a much darker fight than they anticipated.

The plot of FullMetal Alchemist is far more intricate and complex than that of other shounen. The novel’s setting in a made-up early 20th-century Europe also sets it apart from other works in the genre. This action fantasy anime is highly recommended for anybody, from seasoned fans to newbies.

Sailor Moon 

If you want an animated series that has it all—comedy, romance, drama, and great music—Sailor Moon is your best bet. The romantic and comedic portions are well balanced. Simply put, you share common ground with these individuals. They have numerous charming features and are therefore relatable to virtually anybody. 

The dubbed voices may make it seem like a kids’ show, but the show actually addresses serious adult issues including sexuality, violence, and relationship problems. The English dub of this anime series isn’t for everyone. It is highly advised that you watch the original Japanese version with subtitles because the voice acting is so much better.

In Sailor Moon, a normal teenage girl has her life turned upside down by unforeseen events. The girl is destined to become Earth’s protector and fulfill her role as planetary guardian. From then on, she would be known as the warrior Sailor Moon. It is imperative that she work along with the other Sailor Soldiers in order to ensure the safety of Earth.

Kimetsu no Yaiba, the Demon Slayer

The sudden success of Demon Slayer has shocked the music industry. After the release of the show’s excellent Anime translation by the professionals at Ufotable, sales of the manga surged, exceeding even the most current volumes of One Piece.

 The movie based on the manga “Mugen Train” shattered box office records in 2020 for both Japanese animation and all movies worldwide. The Prime Minister of Japan is only one of many dedicated fans.

Titans Launch an Attack

If you’ve been looking for an exciting and emotionally gripping anime, your search can end here. The engaging narrative and exhilarating action sequences in the anime series Attack on Titan have made it a fan favorite. Many wrenching emotional events occur. A lot of people die trying to save the world in this episode, so be prepared to feel some serious heartbreak.

Attack on Titan, based on the popular manga of the same name, transports viewers to a future in which humanity is on the verge of extinction. Titans are enormous monsters that have pushed mankind to take sanctuary behind huge fortresses. These giants enjoy eating human beings, but it’s not because they’re hungry. 

That just ups the creepiness factor significantly. The human inhabitants of this hidden location have lived there for over a century, and they have no plans to reveal their presence. However, their tranquil lives are abruptly destroyed when a giant breaches the defenses surrounding their city. Eren Yeager, together with his two friends, devotes his life to destroying the flesh-eating creatures. In case you were still on the fence about how good this program is. Read this review for an alternative viewpoint.

Naruto-Comics and Anime 

It had an abundance of filler episodes and gained notoriety for plot holes and other problems. The ninja’s stubbornness paid off, though, as the show went on to create a universe filled with so many memorable scenes that viewers didn’t mind the show’s problems.

 Its manga remains a large seller, it managed to dish out a full variety of original movies, and even got itself a sequel series that has surprisingly managed to replicate some of the best elements of the original. I must admit that this came as a shock to me.

Private Investigator Conan

You won’t get tired of watching Detective Conan. Some of the humor is rather clever, and there is also romance, high-stakes action, and a unique mystery. Try it out if you appreciate mysteries with ingenious storylines and satisfying resolutions that don’t give anything away. The authors obviously spent a lot of time thinking about and working on this.

In the story, our protagonist, Shinichi Kudou, possesses the superhuman ability to solve any crime. The significance of this becomes clear when you remember that he is only 17 years old. His whole life changes in the span of a single night. It’s the night that the teenage detective notices two unusual individuals at an amusement park. They are keeping an eye on him and giving him some new drugs in a clinical trial. He survives, but his body has shriveled down to the size of a seven-year-old child! Shinichi investigates the peculiar group responsible for his drastic physical transformation while concealing his true identity.

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JoJo’s Strange Adventure

The long-running 1980s manga gave rise to a significant fanbase, but the brand didn’t completely take off until the 2012 anime series appeared. You’d have to be living under a rock not to have noticed a parody or allusion to the Joestar franchise, which spans multiple generations of the Joestar family. 

With four seasons now shown and the fifth, Stone Ocean, coming to Netflix as an exclusive, there’s little doubt that the JoJo franchise has made its mark and won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

Dragon Ball

For many, this series—and notably Dragon Ball Z—opened the door to the wacky, crazy, and spectacular narratives that could be found in anime, forever changing westerners’ perceptions of the compatibility of action and animation. 

Its effect obviously hasn’t been forgotten, which would explain why its successor series, Dragon Ball Super, has managed to renew the populace’s loyalty to Goku and his companions as they take on the strength of cosmic opponents. In addition, we are confident that the Kamehameha has left an indelible mark on the collective consciousness of the human race. That’s a lot of people, right?