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Dropshipping on eBay eliminates the requirement to set up a separate storefront- you can sell things online directly through your eBay store. A third party (another retailer, a wholesaler, or the product manufacturer) will handle the responsibility of shipping the product to the consumer. Additionally, you can access a readily-available audience base on eBay.

Intrigued? This article covers the entire process of dropshipping on eBay, from choosing the right suppliers to preserving healthy profit margins.

Dropshipping On eBay: The Concept 

Dropshipping on eBay is a successful, low-cost business strategy. Many business owners appreciate it because they don’t have to physically handle any product or rent a warehouse to store inventory. Any orders instead go straight to your dropshipping supplier, whose job it is to prepare, package, and ship the products to your clients.

eBay Dropshipping: Advantages 

The advantages of dropshipping through eBay are numerous:

  • Reduced Prices: Since you’re selling a manufacturer’s product rather than creating your own, you’ll pay wholesale prices. Depending on where you dropship, you might take advantage of affordable shipping fees that keep expenses low for you and your clients.
  • Limited Risk: eBay dropshippers simply buy products when customers do. There are no required minimum order amounts. For instance, if a shopper buys a shirt from your eBay store, you need to pay only for that particular shirt. It’s a great business plan for startups or seasoned business owners wishing to test out a new market segment.
  • Time-Saving: You simply have to concentrate on a few administrative duties, marketing, and customer service. The burden of the most time-consuming and expensive tasks typically falls on the shoulders of the manufacturer.
  • Fully Automated: Most dropshipping tasks may be automated by employing dropshipping suppliers like DSers. The process of listing a product on your eBay store simply takes a few minutes. Once a sale is made, it takes one click to complete the order. As a result, you have more time to focus on important marketing and customer service initiatives.
  • Millions of items to pick from in various dropshipping niches: Millions of items are available for sale. Browse through product marketplaces like AliExpress and quickly add any item to your store. Instead of attempting to develop your items, you may market existing ones.

Dropshipping On eBay: The Process

Are you prepared to start selling on eBay as a dropshipper? A step-by-step guide to creating your successful eBay dropshipping business is provided below.

Step 1: Open a seller account on eBay.

To sell goods through an eBay store, you need a seller account. To set up your account:

  • Go to the registration page and enter the basic information regarding your online enterprise.
  • Select the eBay store subscription option that best meets your requirements.
  • Connect your banking details to receive payments.

After completing these steps, use the eBay app to link the new store to Shopify. By doing this, you can manage returns, contact buyers, and view inventory levels, all from a single dashboard.

Step 2: Find lucrative products

Second, look into which items have the best eBay sales. For further information, look at the bestsellers page on eBay and see if you can find comparable items lower than MRP on dropshipping websites like AliExpress or Doba.

The most popular product categories include:

  • Accessories, Clothing, or Footwear 
  • Electronic Devices
  • Home & Garden
  • Pet supplies
  • Games, Sports & Hobbies

Dropshipping is typically easy with lightweight, sellable products, so look for such in the categories above. Additionally, you should look at each item’s return rate because those with low return rates are less likely to upset your customers.

Step 3: Select your dropshipping vendors

Once you’ve identified a lucrative product to sell on eBay, search for dropshipping vendors who can give you a good discount on large purchases. If you have a Shopify store, you can connect with several wholesalers utilizing apps like DSers.

Check the seller ratings, customer feedback, shipping costs, and fees of potential vendors. Due to eBay’s requirement that brands deliver goods within 30 days of an order being placed, pay close attention to the delivery schedule. 

Step 4: Create a product listing on eBay

Make an eBay listing for each of the items you are dropshipping. Include search terms that your potential customers might use to find products. Additionally, pay close attention to the following factors because they all have an impact on how likely it is for the eBay algorithm to display your products to potential buyers: 

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Photos
  • Customer Feedback
  • Return/Exchange Policy 

Step 5: Rate your products

When you leave enough gap between an item’s buying price and resale price, eBay dropshipping becomes profitable. Calculate the cost of your dropshipping items by taking into account:

  • Item Prices
  • Business Costs,
  • How much you hope to make in profits

Additionally, you should keep an eye on and gather information on the prices that similar goods are fetching on the market. Adjust your product pricing accordingly until you balance market rates and consumers’ purchasing propensity.

eBay Dropshipping From Amazon 

Formerly, Amazon sellers who wanted to sell their products on eBay used eBay Amazon dropshipping programs like Easync and PriceYak. eBay dealers might then resell Amazon products for more money in this manner. However, some store owners have experienced the effects of the new policies.

Customers complained in a 25-page eBay discussion about receiving an Amazon shipment in the mail with a gift receipt after ordering goods on eBay. Customers who knew they were paying more for items on eBay were inevitably upset, which affected the reputation of eBay. As a result, regulations were altered to forbid dropshipping from Amazon to eBay.

Success Strategies For Dropshipping On eBay

Although eBay dropshipping isn’t particularly difficult, you can do a few things to position your new company for success.

  • Make a multi-buy offer. Multi-purchase deals are essentially eBay’s equivalent of bundled offers, which let you sell one item for $10, two for $16, and so on. Since you won’t have to repeatedly pay import or shipping fees, this is a good strategy to enhance your profit margins.
    • Put client service first. Even though the things you offer are drop-shipped from vendors, you are responsible for guaranteeing client satisfaction. Respond to support inquiries promptly and accept full responsibility when there is a shipping or product quality issue.
  • Organize your stock. Dropshipping tools like DSers combine stock information from all sales channels (including your eBay shop and web store) so that you can see sales and customer information in one place. 

Plan Your eBay Dropshipping Business

Considering how many people use eBay to find and purchase things, setting up a dropshipping business there seems like a no-brainer.

Utilize the tips in this guide to choose lucrative products, set up a seller account, and earn money. You can build a successful income stream with eBay dropshipping if you put in the effort and have a good understanding of eBay’s dropshipping policy.

Author Bio- Mike Wilson is a content strategist at SunTec India with a specialization in eCommerce SEO and PPC. He has 5+ years of experience as a B2B content creator and has written numerous informative pieces to help sellers make sense of the continuously evolving eCommerce landscape.