Alternative Dating Apps To Tinder

The buzz of the dating market “TINDER” got its tremendous fame and success due to its attraction, easy and logical approach towards dating. It was launched in 2012. The best way to meet the most suitable singletons is preferentially online nowadays.

Tinder played a vital role in this scenario. The vast and speedy expansion of the app forced other online dating apps to shift towards mobile approach. The app claims to have 50 million active clients. The number of matches has exceeded more than 20 billion profile by now. “DIGITS SAY IT ALL”, the impression of this particular app is more than just casual.

As you all know, the never-ending thirst of the most suitable partner is mainly the driving force of the latter one. Tinder has somehow affected the traditional dating culture and language too. “SWIPE LEFT” has a completely new meaning in itself. Terms like TINDERELLAS and TINDERFELLAS had a sudden and impressive emergence.

Frequently used for dating which most of the times eventually turned into hook-ups, is the most common interpretation most of the people have. From Unexpected swipe to a complete relationship, tinder has a lot for you. Still, can it be possible that the thing is not for you? Well, the answer is YES! It is biased with the physical appearances to a large extent.

It matters, but is this the only thing we search for in a partner? No, obviously. Nobody wants to date a person with good looks who is fiendishly swiping every girl in the next street. From the time, tinder has started the paid services, there are a considerable amount of restrictions implemented on the free version of the app.

Sometime you may even feel that if you live in a metropolitan city, the choices available are innumerable and there are fair chances of you getting stuck in a never-ending game of swipes. This would even make the whole procedure hectic and worthless.

10+ Best Dating Apps for Relationships like Tinder (Top Alternatives)

Well, THAT BEING SAID, after the tremendous success of tinder, these are many other apps introduced by many programmers, with impressive corrections trying to improve the drawbacks and providing more space and comfort to the clients. So, if you don’t feel tinder anymore, and want other options, this article is just for you. Here, is “TOP 10 ALTERNATIVE APPS FOR TINDER” for your IOS and Androids.


Tinder being a global app has a universal presence. Although, it works perfectly in the country too but if you still want the best dating experience within the boundaries of the country. This is the thing meant for you.

This app hosts a large online dating community and is specially made for India. It is also one of the most popular dating websites in India as well. The working of this app has slight different pathway then tinder. The app allows his clients, to upload a video and other content which would describe him best and can easily express himself as an individual.

The uploaded material also has screenshot proof which therefore provides us an authenticity on the website and discourages any kind of misuse of the information. The algorithm specification allows you to find a person with significantly matching interests.

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This is certainly a unique and interesting approach towards the dating. Being a global app, it’s one among the favorite he is the most famous and most used app in INDIA after TINDER.

Functioning of this app is quite different from the others. It combines your location with the app which is certainly something uncommon. As the tagline refers “MEET PEOPLE WHOM YOU HAVE CROSSED PATH WITH” and it allows you to do that in literal terms.

If you are a happn user and you cross your paths with another happn user in real life, their profile will blink up in your account. From there onwards, features are quite similar to TINDER. There should be a mutual like between the two accounts. HAPPN would now allow you to chat with each other.

The availability of the crush option gives you a chance to let the other person know that you are interested in them. This is quite similar to the SUPERLIKE option available in TINDER. However, the availability of the credits mainly depends on paid criteria of a number of invites you have made to your friends.

The users of happn increased surprisingly from 40 to 10 million in just two years. The app also notifies you of how many times you have crossed paths with that person. This is a complete non-traditional and still interesting approach towards online dating.

#3. OkCupid Dating

OkCupid is an American native app having its global existence. It was launched in 2004. This app has certainly a mysterious working and mostly most of the things going on behind the paywall. The guessing work by OkCupid is done to a certain extent even before your dating starts.

The biggest merit of OkCupid is that it matches you with the most suitable and accurate partner possible for you. The main focus of the marketing strategy is on the theme that they don’t just match up people on the basis of their looks. The official website tagline itself gives an idea. “YOU ARE WAY MORE THEN JUST A PHOTO”.

On signing up, you are asked with 21 different questions. Your answers will set up an algorithm and this is how OkCupid is going to find the best match for you.

The hip factor of tinder might be missing here but the feel of social bonds is what we crave for in dates and that is present here in its most beautiful form. The basic idea revolves around the idea of providing you a date based on your passions and likings rather just physical attraction.

It depends majorly on the personality traits of a person. WHAT HE WANTS. Tinder is all cool for casual dating. In case, if you want a long-lasting and quality relationship, then preferences would matter more than the physical gestures.


COFFEE MEETS BAGEL started a completely new and fresh way of this online dating thing. The thing which is most of the customers don’t like about the tinder is the amount of time and useless swiping we have to go through. This app certainly has a catchy solution.

This app could be considered a bit biased towards the women and thereby takes away the stress of guessing game in tinder. Women who are a client of this app will only receive the notifications regarding the men who had already shown interest in them. Biasing has certain limits and the guys, on the other hand, are not completely options.

So, that’s the way it works. On every noon the guys out there on the app would receive up to 21 quality matches which are referred to as ‘BAGELS’. Guys have the option to pass or like the match. This creates an extremely comfortable and minty situation for women.

They have a list of guys who are already interested in them, and just have to choose the one who fits her partner criteria in its best possible way. Another asset of this app is that it provides you BAGELS and matches on daily basis. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of hours swiping on dating websites as in the case of tinder.


The working of HINGE is completely opposite to that of TINDER. The main focus of tinder is to arrange a match between two strangers, while hinge offers and tries to fix you up to your friends in the increasing degrees. They can be your friends, friend of a friend, or a third-degree friend.

The whole procedure revolves around the idea of what kind of people you like and feels comfortable with. HINGE connects with your social media account and helps you to find a date by giving suggestions including your different degrees of friends. FRIENDS ARE THE REFLECTION OF INDIVIDUAL’S PERSONALITY.

That’s how hinge works. There is a possibility that your friend might have some friend who matches your interest and there is a fair chance that your friend will probably be a friend with a personality like yours.

One may say, that online dating is for strangers. WELL, that’s kind of true. But in case, you like a friend of yours, or friends-friend and are not comfortable to confess to them. HINGE is the app you are looking for!


BUMBLE is an app which provides the security and personal space to the women at the same time. If you being a woman, are fed up with receiving different stupid charming men in all the different apps bumble is a creation for you.

The starting steps don’t differ much from tinder, by liking of the profile by both the parties. But, Bumble only allows the lady to start the conversation. This may sound a bit biased. But the thing is quite different and good for both guy and the lady present there.

As the girl would not go through the stupid flattering texts, and the guy would also know, that the women who had texted him are already interested in him. All he has to do is keep the things going smoothly and not to ruin them up.

#7. eHarmony

eHarmony is considered as the first dating website in the market to implement a scientific and logical approach to find the accurate and matching pairs. As per claims, the website says that by using its compatibility matching system, it checks all the 29 dimensions of two personalities for a long-lasting and quality relationship.

Not going much into the process, as a client the thing to our interest, that the website makes it sure that the match is of high compatibility and there are nice chances of your date to work. It’s mostly liked by the people who have attempted dates by various websites and finally reached the conclusion that the person is not made for them.


This could be considered as a free version of TINDER. Most of the functions are the same. It allows you to send unlimited messages, check out a number of profile and things like that.

This is considered as one of the biggest dating community of the globe comprising of about 70 million users. But due to its priceless nature, there are certain drawbacks it poses. A number of fake profiles are eating people time up. Frustrated personalities even make it difficult for other individuals to find a proper match. Still, the popularity of this app is with being available only in a few countries like the UK, USA, and Brazil etc.


SKOUT is an international app. It’s not a complete dating website. It gives you an option of dating someone or just too stuck as friends. You can prefer to date people who are nearby you and chose people over the boundaries to be friends.

There is not much difference between the working of TINDER and SKOUT. The only difference, as stated is to focus on the maturely and emotionally developed relationships rather than a physical personality just worthy of a swipe.


This app having the same functionality as the tinder is a dating website for the people who are not straight. It mainly includes gay, queer, bi and trans people. This app was launched in 2009 and has emerged as the biggest dating platform for non-straight people. ZOE is the feminine version of Grindr.

Dating being it tough has numerous problems for the people who are not straight. These kinds of platforms allow them to find the like-minded people and enjoy their relationship. These are not the only one; there are tons of available like them. You may like some features of tinder and dislike some. That’s pretty obvious. Every application has its disadvantages.

#11. Flingster

Flingster is the perfect venue for anyone who’s looking for an adult chat. Not only is the site free to use, but you can start matching with other users without even making an account! Your anonymity is always protected – none of your personal information is visible to other users, and you can even choose from more than a dozen virtual masks to obscure your face. Video chats are popular, but you can also use text chats or your mic.

Everyone is welcome on Flingster, so no matter what kind of person you’re interested in, you’ll probably be able to find them. And you don’t have to wait for the algorithm to locate them for you – use filters to search by gender or location so you can narrow down your potential matches. There are thousands of people on Flingster every day, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get exactly what you’re looking for.

You can select the most appropriate one, from the above list for you, if you are not feeling TINDER anymore and try to enhance your dating life. WHAT IF THESE DON’T WORK FOR YOU AS EFFICIENTLY AS TINDER? WELL, the option of crawling back to TINDER is always available!