Different Online Casino Games

Playing Baccarat and winning are two completely different things. When faced with an array of different online games, depending on the type you are looking for, knowledge will be everything. Certain games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, will take some thought and strategy if you want to make the most of it, and ultimately win the game. 

As if that isn’t pressure enough, a lot of online platforms such as casino UK will have an assortment of different versions of one game, so which one do you go for? Below we discuss one such game which may have different varieties and different possible outcomes, but the basic idea would be the same, and show you how to play, and win!

Winning At Online Baccarat

Have you ever watched a James Bond movie? If you have, you would know that in the majority of the films, they play one main casino game – Baccarat. It’s his favourite casino game and presents itself in many of the film versions, one of the popular choices he likes to play is the Chemin de Fer Baccarat which is shown in Casino Royale, Dr No, GoldenEye and other bond movies. It is one of his favourite games, and for good reason.

You could try and learn how to play it from one of the above-mentioned films, by pausing every minute to soak in the rules and strategy, or you could keep reading to find out how the game is played, so the next time you are online you feel just like a character in one of the bond movies. 

This is a classic and yet, a simple game that seems more intimidating than it is. This betting game has a lot in common with coin flips and is one of the more player-friendly games that anyone from novice to professional can play and enjoy. 

Baccarat Game Rules

Before the hand begins, the players need to bet or predict the outcome of all the hands. Then only the game will begin. In the beginning, two cards are dealt with by all the players, and these are known as the “Bank hand” and the “Player hand”.

When playing live at a land-based casino or on an online casino, the objective is to predict which of the cards dealt will amount to a total close to 9. You can bet on the Player hand or the Bank hand, or decide that the round will end in a tie. 

When calculating the hand total, all the “royalty” or “face cards” and the 10s will have an initial value of 0 (zero). An “Ace” card will have a value of 1 (one) and the rest will be as per their individual numbers i.e. face value. 

If for instance, you hand scores more than 9, then this is adjusted by subtracting the 10 from the original score. Some land casinos have their own house rules, which means they can decide if the player or bank hands are eligible to draw a third card. Which is to say, at all times you must have 3 cards in hand. 

If your prediction is correct you qualify for a payout. Some online casinos pay out a 5% commission on the total amount on the “table”. The winning tie or bet will usually qualify for a payout of 8 to 1. 

And that’s the simplest way of how it’s done!