The Best Grocery Delivery Apps

Mobile applications allow people to shop and place orders efficiently and effectively, and they are set to take over the supermarket business in 2021. Having groceries delivered to your door has saved people from having to go to the supermarket during the pandemic and when they don’t have the time to go.

On-demand grocery delivery apps have seen a substantial increase in first-time users, with $5.9 billion spent on delivery and pickup orders in November in the United States.

On-demand grocery delivery apps can save you both time and money. You can avoid going to the store, standing in line, and unloading all those bags from your car by ordering things on your phone. Some of these apps offer unique discounts, while others allow you to communicate with your shopper and make adjustments after you place your order.

Supermarkets were regarded as a major business even during the peak of the pandemic and were never shut down. Having groceries delivered to your door is still a very handy alternative for many people.

Fresh products, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, prepared dishes and kits are offered at the top food supply businesses. Others sell solely foodstuffs like pasta, cereal, canned goods and snacks.

Grocery applications can be run by a shop brand or by a third party that purchases groceries from any store you select. Here we have looked at the finest, most popular and best grocery delivery apps in 2021.


Instacart is a platform that connects customers with personal shoppers who buy goods from locals. It was created in 2012. Although it reached the most successful month, generating $10 million during the coronavirus pandemic.

Instacart also includes a feature, allowing you to shop at several main food chains, such as Mariano’s or Whole Foods. You may either plan your delivery ahead of time or order on the spot.

For every purchase, the non-member delivery charge begins at $3.99, but for orders of more than $35, Instacart Express members get free of charge. Customers can pay to become an InstaCart Express member and enjoy discounts and other benefits.

The app has almost 9.6 million active users and 500k consumers who rush to get their hands on the products.


Shipt is a grocery delivery service that allows you to purchase from a variety of retailers based on where you reside. It’s available in over 200 cities. Shipt delivers from a variety of supermarket chain shops, including Target, Publix, Meijer, Kroger, H-E-B, and others, in over 260 cities. Personal shoppers pick up groceries and deliver them to your front door.

Shipt is similar to Instacart but requires that you join up for a subscription that includes free delivery for purchases over $35 (for lesser orders, the price is $7).

Customers place their order, which is frequently processed the same day, and receive updates as their delivery person shops. Shipt enables last-minute order modifications and makes it simple for consumers to accept or refuse substitutes if required.


FreshDirect is one of the oldest services for online food supply that began in 1999 and includes important fresh products, food and food. It targets health-conscious consumers who are willing to pay extra for freshness.

FreshDirect distributes fresh food straight from its warehouses, rather than having customers go to their local grocery store to select things. Farmers, fishermen, and craftsmen provide fresh food to this online grocery shop.

It offers quality ratings as well as details on aspects such as organic and local items. In some regions, you may select delivery time windows and obtain same-day delivery. FoodKick, a curated service that provides unique daily products in less than an hour, is also available through FreshDirect.

Customers may order online or via the mobile app at any time and receive free delivery if their order exceeds $30. Delivery charges are between $5.99 per item and above or clients may get a 6 monthly delivery pass of $79 or a year of $129.

Walmart Grocery

Walmart grocery delivery app is provided by international retailer Walmart, and it is aimed at customers who value convenience, cheap costs, and product quality. Customers may order groceries from Walmart shops via the Walmart Grocery website or mobile app.

You may schedule a delivery or in-store pickup from your preferred Walmart location. In terms of user-friendliness and excellent delivery service providers, Walmart is undoubtedly one of the top grocery delivery apps in 2021.

Walmart has its delivery service for groceries and other in-store products. The company’s inventory is updated regularly, so there are fewer out-of-stock shocks once an order is placed.

Walmart has a minimum order value of $30 and a shipping cost of up to $9.95. Customers in some areas may sign up for WalMart+ for $12.95 per month or $98 per year and have their delivery costs eliminated.


Postmates Fresh, which expanded the company’s operations beyond restaurant delivery, was introduced in 2017. Customers may now place orders from their local grocery shop, liquor store, pharmacy, and even a few specialist establishments, such as bakeries.

The San Francisco-based quick-commerce platform, acquired by Uber in 2020, operates in over 2900 U.S. cities. For its fascinating features, the app has received 1.8M and 1.5M ratings from consumers on the Android and iOS platforms, respectively.

Customers can sign up for Postmates Unlimited for a monthly charge that varies per restaurant and shop. Customers who pay $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year will receive free delivery on all orders above $10.


Kroger is the country’s oldest and largest grocery chain by revenue, as well as the country’s second-largest general store. Kroger is one of the best shopping list applications for Android and iPhone, saving you time and money while providing an excellent shopping experience.

This greatest application for online grocery shopping provides convenience while also allowing customers to save a significant amount of money on their purchases.

Kroger now offers a ship-to-home service, which allows you to purchase non-perishable goods and household items online and have them delivered to your door, with free delivery on orders over $35.

The online sales at Kroger supermarkets grew 79% in 2021, placing them among the top ten online marketers in the USA. It provides same-day delivery from 2400 sites in the United States, making it available to 97% of its consumers.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a subsidiary brand of Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce firm, which competes directly with FreshDirect. Amazon Fresh is a digital supermarket. It was previously an add-on service, but it is now available for free to Amazon Prime members.

Fresh fruit, meat, dairy, seafood, packaged meals, Whole Foods 365 items, and home goods such as cleaning supplies are available at the shop.

Aside from food and beverages, you may get a variety of other goods such as home items, technology, health products, accessories, presents, and more. Get anything delivered in multiple cities within 1 to 2 hours. For a 1-hour delivery, you can pay an extra charge instead. Orders above $35 are free for members; orders under $35 are subject to a $5 delivery cost.

Wrapping Up

There has been a huge increase in the number of individuals downloading and using grocery delivery applications, which is a positive sign that people are getting more comfortable with this service and adopting it into their life.

The COVID-19 pandemic also played a significant impact on this change. With the growing amount of downloads for online grocery shopping apps, it is clear that grocery delivery apps are the way of the future.

These applications are designed to meet the demands of their customers in the most convenient way possible. The grocery delivery sector, on the other hand, is expanding at its own pace. Your grocery delivery app can also join the club if it has a distinct and customer-focused business strategy. All you need is to build a successful grocery delivery app to pave the road to your success.

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