If you’ve been planning your wedding for any period of time – whether it’s been two weeks or two years – you probably already have become privy to the ever-confusing vernacular that surrounds traditional weddings.

If you find yourself confused about terminology, that’s okay, wedding lingo is a little tricky! This is especially true when it comes to terms like “Junior Bridesmaids” and “Flower Girls.” Aren’t Junior Bridesmaids just bridesmaids? If they’re young girls, aren’t they just flower girls? What’s the difference between the two, anyway?

There are tons of questions that are probably spinning around in your head. Don’t let your intimidation get in the way of how you plan your wedding. If you’re looking for a little explanation, we got you covered.

Check out our brief explanation that lays out the differences between junior bridesmaids and flower girls and how you should shop for each of them!

What is a Junior Bridesmaid and What Does She Do?

A junior bridesmaid is a young girl who is part of the wedding party. She’s typically aged 9-15 and is either too old to be a flower girl (something that’s determined by the bride and groom) or too young to be a full-fledged bridesmaid who can take part in all of the action (such as the bachelorette party, etc.). The junior bridesmaid typically has several of the same responsibilities as the regular bridesmaids, such as holding bouquets, wearing the uniform dresses, taking care of the bride on her wedding day and more, however, she is likely going to sit out from all of the responsibilities due to the age difference.

What is a Flower Girl and What Does She Do?

A flower girl is a young girl who is usually related to either the bride or groom who is part of the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the young girl is anywhere from ages 3-12 and is responsible for not only looking adorable but also preceding the bride down the aisle and lining the pathway with flower petals of the bride’s choosing. While you are welcome to choose as many flower girls as you’d like, typically, the flower girl responsibility goes to one child who is willing to take on the role in the wedding.

How to Shop for a Junior Bridesmaid

With Junior Bridesmaids, you’re going to want to match her as best as possible to your full-fledged bridesmaids, so taking color, style, and cut into account is going to matter.

How to Shop for a Flower Girl

We’re going to give you the exact same advice to start this off – check out JJ’s House. They have an insanely wide array of flower girl dresses out there that take style, cut, color, and theme into account. You can pick out the perfect flower girl dress for your little beauty in all age groups. Even if your girl is only 1-2 years old, you can find stunning toddler flower girl dresses here. Make sure you’re considering the season, the fabric, and the comfortability of the dress as well because you’ll be buying the dress for a young girl – and with kids, being comfortable counts.