Cowboy Boots

Many must have seen those western movies, where the men ride their horses while wearing those fancy cowboy boots with pointy front end and heels at the back. These boots are called cowboy boots. These boots were originally meant for two things; working and riding a horse. Boots for cowboys have a rich and long history, as the nuance, style, material, shape, and use have developed and changed over time. During that farmhand, aka cowboy days, men use to have a pair for each occasion.  It is one of the finest accessories that you can wear with your western dresses like shirts, tops, jumpsuits, and jackets.

Types of cowboy boots

When it comes to boots for the cowboys, there are plenty of many types of boots to pick from:

  • Work boots: These boots are a practical choice and cost-effective. They have rubber soles, soft leather, and shorter heels.
  • Western boots: They are a practical type of cowboy boots which shorter heels and longer shafts. This does not make you slip or fall, as you can buy boots with anti-fall and anti-slip properties.
  • Riding boots: These boots are specially designed for riding horses with high angled heels that do not let the shoe slip from the stirrup.

Buying cowboy boots

Well, the thing is that cowboy boots come in various shapes and styles. One should do some thorough research to find a pair that suits the style and usability at the same time. Let’s see a few things that should be kept in mind:

  1. Leather type: When it comes to boots, one can find a plethora of leather types. There is ostrich leather, snakeskin, lizard skin, caiman, or goatskin to choose from. One can choose based on durability, shine, maintenance, and cost. It is easy to clean this leather with a soft brush and you can maintain these boots for long years.
  2. Purpose: There are two types of boots to pick from, work boots and fashion boots. The work boots are more function friendly, whereas the fashion boots are more accented towards good looks.
  3. Style and shape: One should also invest some time to decide what type of shape and style they want their boot to be, like what should be heel size, the toe shape, and shaft height.

Tips for proper fitting

When it comes to cowboy boots, they should fit properly. Well, this is where the right fitting comes in. a good fit from the very tip of the toes to the heels is necessary to have a pair of boots that is easy to walk around in.

Few things to keep in mind are:

  • Width of the boots: The width of the boots should be snug and comfortable. Stand straight and look down while wearing the boots. If the feet feel snug and see the outsole stitching, then the boots are ok; if not, then buy a larger size.
  • Ball of the foot: The ball of the foot carries most of the weight, and thus boots’ ball and feet balls should be of the same size. Wear the cowboy boots and see the widest part of the boots is exactly where the foot’s ball is at.
  • Heel slippage: It is common among these boots that the heel tends to slide into the boot. This happens mostly in new boots.

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Boots for cowboys are one of the most stylish things these days. But they are also favored among those who like to add some spice to their look. One can choose high-heeled cowboy boots or work boots as per one choice and style statement. Now you can buy the best online cowboy boots also. There is a wide range of designs that you can wear for special occasions, or for everyday use.