casual shoes

As many men will attest, the term casual shoes lead to the most confusion since it is open to interpretation. From lace-up boots to minimalist trainers, there is a whole world of footwear that fits the category of casual shoes. For instance, the desert boots might feel formal for some men, while the majority will agree that it falls in the smart informal shoe category.

Perhaps one of the best things about these shoes is that there are as many options to flaunt it as there is a number of casual outfits. All you need to do is see to it that the shoes meet both the categories of style and quality. However, just getting the right shoes for an informal occasion is not where the matter ends. You need to understand how to wear it right in order to ensure that your style quotient stays as high as ever. Here are a few of the guidelines that every man must follow when it comes to wearing casual shoes.

#1. Invest in quality footwear

It is understandable that not everyone wants to spend a ton of money on the shoes, but there is also no point in investing in an inferior pair of casual shoes that will not last for a long time. Instead of buy new shoes every year that is not durable, it is better to buy a few quality pair that will last you for years on end.

Low-quality casual footwear is kept together with glue, and it is made with cheap quality raw materials like paper and cardboard that do not age too well. You can save quite a good amount of money in the long term by opting for more expensive shoes that will stay with you for life. A good investment would be mens square toe cowboy boots, which are both durable and versatile. You might need to budget and save for that good quality loafers and dress boots, but that is money well spent at the end of the day.

#2. Keep the occasion in mind

One of the most common mistakes that men make is to wear the wrong shoes for an occasion. Just as you cannot wear those trendy sneakers to the office, in the same way, you cannot wear the office boots to a pool party. Even if the blunders are not that glaring, men frequently make the mistake of getting it wrong among the types of casual shoes as well.

For instance, the purpose of running shoes is to protect your feet while running and exercising. Yes, you can wear it to the beach, but it will not any purpose there and instead only end up making you uncomfortable. You would be much more comfortable wearing sandals or flip flops there. Another shoe mistake usually made by men is to wear socks with sandals. If you feel cold and absolutely feel the need to wear socks, wear boots like open lace dress boots or desert boots. Wearing the right kind of shoes that go with the occasion will definitely be a boost to your overall appearance. You can try Yeezy Boost 700 from Stadium Goods.

#3. Do not sacrifice comfort and fit

Just as you should not settle for less when it comes to the quality of casual footwear that you buy, in the same way, you should compromise on comfort and fit of the shoes. When you are buying the informal shoes online, make sure that you measure your feet well first and then order the products. You should also keep in mind the width of your feet while measuring. The shoes that fit perfectly do not just add to your style strappy boots quotient but also helps in your movements.

The modern variants of casual footwear like the and sneakers also come with additional features like toe structure and arch support for the ultimate comfort. Thanks to the wide range of sizes and styles of shoes available in the market at present, you no longer need to compromise on the fit or the style when you go on to select your next pair of casual footwear.

#4. Take care of those shoes

Do not be under the impression that it is only the formal boots and the fancy shoes that need all the attention and care. Your casual footwear might be more durable and resistant to wear and tear, but that does not mean that they do not need special attention from your end. If you have suede shoes, treat them with a suede spray that helps in resisting mud, salt, water, and other such elements of nature. Make sure you check the spray well before using so as not to let it ruin the color of your suede shoes. Get some paper and stuff it inside those shoes to let it absorb all the moisture and perspiration.

There is no need to polish the casual footwear. Most of the casual footwear like canvas shoes and boat shoes are the best hand washed and dried naturally. Do not make the mistake of putting the shoes in the washer as it will end up damaging the shoes even further. Even the cleaners simply layer up white paste on those bright canvas shoes, and they end up looking chalky when it dries down.

Now that you know all of these four important guidelines for casual footwear go ahead and add a few more of the fancy pairs to your shoe collection. Make sure you have the perfect pair ready for that poolside party, beachwear, dates, and every other occasion.