cooking crush

Do you remember the magical times we all played with tiny plastic cookware and food? The happiness that was linked to playing pretends with friends was priceless. We used to love waiting tables around our childhood rooms and serving imaginary customers. Even thinking about it takes me back to a joyous place. I never thought I could get that jolt from anything now but I stand corrected. I found a game on the internet that made me feel all those happy things with Cooking Crush.

Cooking Crush is a kitchen game where we can play as a master chef in our restaurant and take orders and serve customers. It is the perfect nostalgic simulation.

Where can I get this Kitchen game?

The game can be downloaded free of any cost from the Google Play Store and also on iOS.

Is this food game absolutely free?

Yes. Cooking Crush is absolutely free. This cooking game, however, has in-app purchases. The in-app purchases are optional.

Is the game good?

Heck yes! This cooking game is fantastic. From the graphics, down right to the content. I give this game my approval.

How is Cook It! different from other cooking games?

Cook It! combines state of the art graphics and innovative ideas so that the player experiences maximum enjoyment while playing. There is a wide variety of cooking games available on the internet and market but Cooking Crush is amazing and stands out from the rest of kitchen games. Cooking Crush has:

  • A unique kitchen setup that lets the player use key ingredients to prepare a meal.
  • The customers who place orders have a scale of emotions that feels very much real.
  • The simulation feels like an actual restaurant job where the customers order separate or combination meals without a monotonous pattern.
  • The ingredients must be cooked to perfection. Food can be burned if players are not careful.
  • Throughout the game, the player is encouraged not to waste food.
  • The game also pays heed to the player’s mental health by offering points in exchange for performing breathing exercises and meditation. The player wins not only in the game but in real life too.
  • Cooking Crush demands a combination of three different set of skills: knowledge of ingredients, time-management skills, and good hand-eye coordination.

How does the player play this time management game?

The player, playing as the master chef of a restaurant, has to meet the demands of evergreen customers. Much like a real restaurant, the customers come and go as they please. The customers can show up in any mood. They can be happy or angry due to the situation. It is the player’s job to satisfy their demands and help them cool off. An angry customer can lead to slow business, so the player must complete the orders within a limited amount of time so that the customer does not leave. Finishing orders quickly will lead to tips as fresh, hot food will cheer up the customer.

What prizes can be won in this Food game?

  • Cooking Crush works by earning coins for different tasks. The more orders the player finishes, the greater the number of coins that are earned. The player can also win coins by finishing daily “happiness challenges”.
  • Simply logging daily in the game can earn the player some major coins. Bonus coins can be earned if the player keeps playing many days in a row.
  • The player can buy and upgrade various kitchen utensils and acquire the ability to prepare and cooking food in lesser time. This power-up can come especially in handy during rush hours in the restaurant.
  • The game has a “spin the wheel” feature. The player can spin the wheel and earn coins, power-ups, lollipops, and other prizes, depending on which section the pointer stops at.
  • The free cooking games also allows the user to earn bonus coins by voluntarily watching short video ads and doubles the coins earned in a level.