running shorts

Are you looking for the most expensive running shorts ever made? Yeah, right, they’re costly, but the shorts included in the list are the most worthy of picking up. It’s highly recommended for athletic people like you since this will improve your running ability efficiently. And of course, these shorts are very comfortable to wear.

Aside from being expensive, the most exciting part of its worthiness is these running shorts are not only for running. You can wear this for any other sports activities like badminton, tennis, and even cycling. It has the best quality of materials and designs so it can be used for any situation.

However, there are different types of running shorts to choose from. This list will show you the most expensive running shorts with different brands and different types. Alternatively, you can also look at several listings of sportswear on Here are are some of the most expensive yet worthy shorts to try out.

McDavid Cross Compression Shorts W/Hip Spica

If you’re having issues about hip pain or, more specifically, trochanteric bursitis, then wearing these compression shorts from McDavid will help. Wearing shorts will help you deal with the pain because it provides pressure when you wear it. It also allows you to keep moving without enduring the pain. Not only will it help you move, but it will also help you recover from your muscle soreness.

The price of the shorts is $49.99. Although it’s expensive, the pros outweigh the price tag. Check out some of the features:

  • Supports your muscles between the hip and knee, as suggested by athletes and experts.
  • The bandage wrap around the hip is for the treatment of hip muscle pain.
  • Extremely cool when you wear it.
  • Easy to dry.
  • It has six threads interwoven to strengthen the fabric and also with comfortability.

RaceReady Active Men’s V-Notch Short (With Pockets) 2311LD

This one is the most popular running shorts of them all. Do you ever wonder why they called this V-Notch? It is because from the upside-down, v-shape cut from half-inch of the edge. These shorts are designed for a better and broader range of movements.

The cost is $36.99. Again, let’s look at the pros as to why this short can be very expensive for some:

  • It has five pockets on the rear and two pockets on the front. Having additional pockets makes it more secure for your items, such as phones and wallets.
  • Useful for people who are always on the go.
  • Weighs much less than other running shorts because it is made of fabric.
  • Also easy to dry and effortless to clean.
  • Not so tight compared to compression shorts.

ASICS Rival li ½ Split Leg Short

These split leg running shorts are similar to the V-Notch short. It has an opening cut on the edge. Aside from the similarity of these shorts, they do have several differences. The sewn part of the split leg is overlapping the front on top of the back. This design is typically the shortest inseam among the three types.

The cost is $53.71. Don’t be surprised by the price. If you think this is too expensive, then check its features.

  • The material used in the shorts allows for more bending and complex movements.
  • Has a durable elastic waistband.
  • Breathable and very relaxing to wear.
  • It is made of fabric and silk.


Most of the time, people think that just because something is expensive, it doesn’t make sense purchasing it. However, there are times when the price is justifiable. Take, for example, the shorts mentioned in this list.

The shorts come from recognizable brands such as McDavid and ASICS. These brands are household names in apparel, and you can be sure of their quality and benefits. Always make sure that you’re getting the most out of your money by buying originally-made clothing.