So yeah, it’s a wedding! Everyone is excited, pumped up, happy, and whatnot. It is one event where people can see all kinds of emotions fleeting on the face of the people. Some will be laughing, where few will be sad, some will be jealous, and some filled with envy. Capturing these moments and showing all the emotions just like the way they are is what makes a photographer a good wedding photographer.

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When it comes to photography, one can get creative and add a texture to these photos through different props and stages. Either you can base the wedding on the said theme or just make it look like that way to capture unique photos of your big day.

Here are some of the different styles of wedding photography you can take a look at:

  • Traditional wedding photography: Traditional wedding photography includes classic portraits of the newlyweds that are placed in the wedding album. This style of photography takes us back to the period of our grandparent’s or parents’ wedding. Apart from newlyweds, their families and guest are also captured by the photographer in the photos. The photographer and videographer are assigned to capture important and beautiful moments from the wedding.
  • Vintage wedding photography: In this style of photography, the wedding photographer clicks natural rustic and vintage photos. By admiring these photos in the future can make one feel much cheerful and romantic. The vintage effect is created by photographers by the usage of a film or a trick known as photoshop. If you do not want to have your wedding album filled with photos having fake effects, you should choose this style of wedding photography.
  • Candid wedding photography: Nowadays, candid or documentary wedding photography style is in the trend. If one is bored from the still and sophisticated poses, candid photography is a better option for them. At the wedding, you don’t even feel the presence of any person capturing you, rather the photographer captures the beautiful moments of all the people present around on your special day.
  • Artistic wedding photography: In this style of wedding photography, specific emphasis is given on creativity. It is not a normal type of photography, rather a photographer is asked to create similar scenes or photos following the artwork. Photographers must have enough knowledge about the composition and lighting when creating the scenes. After capturing the pictures, the photographer edits the image to make it look prettier.
  • Natural wedding photography: When the photographer uses natural lighting instead of a flash, then this style of photography is known to be nature photography. Generally, in this style, the photo-shoot is scheduled at the timing of golden hour. At this time, the lighting is perfect to capture photos of high quality having warm and soft effects. To work as a natural wedding photographer, he or she must be aware of the rules to work with natural light and shadows.
  • Portrait wedding photography: In the portrait style of wedding photography, portraits of newlyweds are photographed on their big day. A person is directed to pose in front of the camera in this formal wedding photography. An efficient portrait photographer is well-versed in capturing the personality and different emotions of the people present at the wedding.
  • Black and white wedding photography: This style is considered the most classic one as it captures timeless images. Some people appreciate the black and white photographs as it enhances the mood and beauty of the pictures. The lack of color in the photo makes the subject and composition more attractive.
  • Aerial wedding photography: When you have your wedding planner in the outdoors having mesmerizing sceneries, then you should go for aerial wedding photography. The photographer will need to have an aerial drone mounting an HD camera on it to capture the couple along-with the entire beautiful view.