Wedding Cards all your Guests will Love

Weddings are indeed the most auspicious moment of someone’s life, but the wedding preparation can either add to it or make it worse. There are several things you need to consider, and for the groom and bride, there will be many more important things than the wedding cards. But when you see from the guests’ perspective, then the one thing they await the most; are the wedding cards, so we will advise you to consider the best possible wedding cards. 

However, when we say the best cards, then we definitely consider a few things. So in this article, we will give you a few suggestions about the best cards that can make your wedding invitations one of their cards. 

Best wedding card ideas 

Here we have shared a few of the most trending wedding invitation ideas, that can transform the mood of all your guests. We will also recommend you select different types of cards for the same wedding. For the most important guests, you can go with the most expensive or beautiful cards, for the office colleagues you can select the formal ones, and for the far-off relatives, like third cousins you can have the simplest cards. 

Not only does this strategy help you save money, but it also helps you save money. For example, if you want 100 wedding cards, and you want to send the most beautiful cards to your close relatives, then you might think of ordering 100 expensive cards. This way you will spend a lot of money. So instead of doing it, you can only order the 20 most expensive cars and for the rest, you can choose something else. 

Now, without dragging it, even more, let us see the best ideas for custom wedding invitations 

Play with colours 

In my most favorite modern design. You do not need to create any design, simply choose a base colour, then add a splash of a few compatible colours to it. These can be any colour. You must choose the ones that you like. For example, some that suit the decor of your wedding area, or the ones matching with your wedding dress. 

These will be the simplest and affordable card designs. So you can select these for the far-off relatives. 

The bold text simple cards 

If you do not want to go high with the cards and keep it formal. Then it would be better to have bold or floral cards. The bold ones would only require you to have your names and the dates with a few wishes. 

These cards are also inexpensive, and you can have these for office friends, and your teachers. 

The destination wedding card 

A destination wedding card should scream for itself. You can have the pictures of the destination in that card that the guest must get all excited to attend your wedding. You should also mention the details properly on that card, and tell them what you would be paying for the destination wedding, are their tickets paid or not. 

You can also send the return tickets with these cards. These cards are also cheap, as you do not need to do much, a simple card will work, all you need to do is capture some pictures of that place. It would be better to ask your friends there to get you some great unique pictures. If it’s not possible then you may go for the available pictures. 

Transparent cards 

Transparent cards can prove to be a great option, as they look trendy and attractive. You should choose a shimmery font, and colour for the cover. However, if you wish to have it formal, then go for the dark bold colours. These cards are pretty formal, so we will not recommend these for close friends. 

Your illustrations 

You can make your cards exciting by having your and your spouse’s animation on the card. This type of card can make you pay a lot of money, as you will first need to find a reliable illustrator. Some couples might also need to capture some good pictures to give to the illustrator, and then in the end you will reach out to the card creator and they will make a card for you.